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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

1999 Mother's Day Mayhem
Costa Mesa Speedway
May 8, 1999
From Ryan Evans

Bobby Schwartz at Passo Robles '97

Costa Mesa's "Mother's Day Mayhem" showcased some good racing and a good crowd considering it's Mother's Day Weekend and that it was very cold Saturday Night. The reported crowd in the L.A. Times was 5,508. Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz became the season's first two-time Scratch Main event winner with a beautiful trap from gate 5 and was never challenged after turn 2. Second place for the second straight week was Scott Brant, followed by Andy "the Enforcer" Northrup, "Rad" Brad Oxley, and Gary Hicks.

Hicks fought his way from the 60 yard line and passed Jim Estes on the final corner to take the Handicap Main for the second time this year. Estes was second, Shawn "mad dog" McConnell was third.

"The Banana Man" Kevin Rubio continued to look smoothe and took his second Support Main Event win of the season. He was followed by last week's winner Randy Skinner, and David Lynch.

Ryan Fisher looked very impressive on the scratch side of the program. He was every bit as fast as the top guys in First Division. In his Scratch Heat he was running second and pinched Charlie Venegas a couple of times against the wall and held him back for four laps!!!! He did it very cleanly without making any contact. Let it be said that the kid is starting to make some serious noise.

Larry Huffman announced that former World #3 Lance King (who was spectating) will be returning to action in a couple of weeks. Next week -- the annual 25 lapper.


Support B Main

186 - Scott Mersereau10
114 - Paul Hitchcock 20
319 - Brad Rudy 20
198 - Mike Boyle 20
103 - Brent Smith 20
210 - Ron Cochard10

Support Main

302 - Kevin Rubio20
383 - Randy Skinner 30
131 - David Lynch 20
177 - Mark Hitchcock 10
300 - Bentley Barrett 20
200 - Gerry Duttweiler 10

Handicap Main

3 - Gary Hicks 60
56 - Jim Estes 40
6 - Shawn McConnell 60
166 - Andy Northrup 50
5 - Brad Oxley 60
10 - Scott Brant 50
11 - Bobby Schwartz 60
19 - Richard Jones 10

Scratch Main

11 - Bobby Schwartz
10 - Scott Brant
166 - Andy Northrup
5 - Brad Oxley
3 - Gary Hicks

Another interesting note, Andy "the Enforcer" Northrup, who is an Los Angeles Police Officer, has his helmet painted exactly like a motorcycle officer's. It looks really cool.

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