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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

1999 U.S. National Championship
Costa Mesa Speedway
October 2, 1999
From Ryan Evans

Qualifying Rounds:

1: Faria, Schwartz, Northrup, Castro
2: Hicks, Cooley, Marr, Estes (fell, remounted)
3: Bast, Janniro, DiFrancesco, Ermolenko
4: Venegas, Sisemore, Manchester, Ackroyd (fell)
5: Oxley, McConnell, Hedden, Aden
6: (restart) Sisemore, Ermolenko, Cooley, Sauer, Castro (fell, excluded)
7: (restart) Bast, Northrup, Aden, Hicks (engine failure)
8: Venegas, Faria, Hedden, Marr
9: Schwartz, Oxley, Ackroyd, Janniro
10: Manchester, McConnell, DiFrancesco, Estes (fell, remounted)
11: Faria, Hicks, Ermolenko, Ackroyd
12: Venegas, Oxley, Castro, DiFrancesco (fell)
13: Hedden, Manchester, Cooley, Northrup (engine failure)
14: (restart) McConnell, Bast, Schwartz, Marr
15: (restarted twice) Estes, Aden, Janniro, Walker, Sisemore (fell, excluded)
16: Oxley, Manchester, Ermolenko, Marr
17: (restart) Bast, Estes, Ackroyd, Sauer, Castro (tapes exclusion)
18: Venegas, McConnell, Janniro, Northrup (engine failure)
19: Faria, DiFrancesco, Aden, Cooley
20: Hicks, Schwartz, Hedden, Sisemore (fell, remounted)


1 - Bart Bast 3-3-2-3=11
3 - Gary Hicks 3-E-2-3=8
4n - Bobby Hedden 1-1-3-1=6
5 - Brad Oxley 3-2-2-3=10
6 - Shawn McConnell 2-2-3-2=9
7 - John Aden 0-1-2-1=4
8 - Gary Ackroyd F-1-0-1=2
9 - Mike Faria 3-2-3-3=11
11 - Bobby Schwartz 2-3-1-2=8
12 - Randy DiFrancesco 1-1-F-2=4 (changed number from #72 to #12)
14 - Eddie Castro 0-Fx-1-T=1
15 - Dukie Ermolenko 0-2-1-1=4
16 - Charlie Cooley 2-1-1-0=4
43 - Charlie Venegas 3-3-3-3=12
47 - Johnny Walker (R) 0-/-/-/=0
56 - Jim Estes 0-0-3-2=5
81n - Jimmy Sisemore 2-3-Fx-0=5
94 - John Cook (SCRATCH) (listed as #99, but former number was #94)
117 - Robbie Sauer (R) 0-0-/-/=0
130 - Chris Manchester 1-3-2-2=8
138 - Michael Marr 1-0-0-0=1
166 - Andy Northrup 1-2-E-E=3

Runoff for 10th place:
Sisemore, Estes

Semi-Final #1
Hicks, Faria, Sisemore, Bast, Schwartz (engine failure)

Semi-Final #2
Oxley, Manchester, McConnell, Hedden, Venegas

Last Chance
Bast, Hedden, Sisemore, McConnell

U.S. National Championship Final
(restart) Oxley, Hicks, Bast, Faria, Manchester

Faria began the evening with a beautiful trap from gate four and held off Schwartz to take the first three points of the evening. Hicks copied Faria's efforts with a gate four trap of his own. Oregon qualifier Mike Marr took down Jim Estes, but the red flag never came out. Bast began his title defense with an easy victory in race three. Venegas trapped from the outside and ran away with race four. Oxley closed out the first round with a victory, but not without effort. McConnell made the start, but Oxley passed him in turn three. Hedden pressured McConnell all four laps. As Oxley was in the final bend, he straightened and McConnell tried valiantly to steal the victory, but it was Oxley by about two feet.

The second round began with Dukie Ermolenko taking the gate. As Sisemore was passing Ermolenko, Eddie Castro and Charlie Cooley went down in turn four. The referee excluded Castro and Robbie Sauer replaced him on the restart. Sisemore then made a great start and took the victory. Race seven had a nasty pileup involving Hicks, John Aden, and Andy Northrup that forced a full restart. Bast and Hicks gated together and were side-by-side, but at the close of lap one Hicks slowed with engine problems and Bast took the win. The eighth race pitted Venegas against Faria. They gated together, but Venegas found the grip in turn two and ran away with the victory. Faria was passed on the inside by Hedden on lap two, but returned the favor and held off "The Blaze" for second. Schwartz was an easy victor in race ten, but Oxley had to come from last place to take second. Manchester came to life in race ten as he passed McConnell and Randy DiFrancesco on the outside on the back straight of lap one. He and McConnell waged a battle that had Manchester winning by about a wheel.

1997 Brad Oxley
First Brad Oxley
Gary Hicks
Second - Gary Hicks
1999 Bart Bast
Third - Bart Bast
1997 Mike Faria
Fourth - Mike Faria
1999 Chris Manchester
Fifth - Chris Manchester

OneList and SpeedwayBikes.com fans, left to right: Gary Roberts, Amanda, some guy,
Linda Love and her son, and on the right, Tim Crump from Las Vegas!
Photo by Bill, taken at the US National at Costa Mesa, Oct. 2, 1999.

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