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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

1999 Week 8
Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn, CA
Friday June 25, 1999
From Gary Roberts

Another great evening of racing at Fast Fridays. With Mike Faria returning from his Overseas Final trip, the contingent of riders was back at full strength. Weather was hot and a few riders mentioned that the track was a little bumpy in turns 3 and 4. It didn't stop a lot of close racing, although towards the end of the evening, there was less overtaking than normal.

Unofficial results:

Scratch Main
1997 Charlie Venegas 1. Charlie Venegas
2. Bart Bast
3. Mike Faria
4. Bobby Hedden
Charlie Venegas got one of his famous lightening starts and stayed ahead for 4 laps.

Scratch Consi
1. Billy Janniro
2. Jim Sisemore
3. Ian Ferris
4. Matt Becker

Handicap Main
1. Jim Sisemore
2. Robert Curry
3. Chad Felicio
4. Mike Faria
5. Charlie Venegas
6. Bart Bast
Both Charlie Venegas and Bart Bast were penalized to the 60 yard line for jumping the start, from where they were not able to make any impression on Mike Faria, who was on the 50. Front yardage rider Robert Curry led all the way until the final front straight, when Jim Sisemore got by. Jim came from the 40 yard line, also getting past Chad Felicio on the way.

Handicap Consi
1. Ryan Fisher
2. Rich Marcucci
3. Billy Janniro
Ian Ferris and Pat Linn fell.
Matt Becker qualified, but was a non-starter
A well deserved win for Ryan Fisher, who had to work his way past Ferris and Marcucci.. Ian Ferris ran into the back of Rich Marcucci which put him in a tank slapper, then proceeded to do a spectacular dismount along the length of the front straight. I am still trying to work out how Pat Linn managed to avoid him.

Division 2 Main
1. Don Webster
2. Rachalle Kerr
3. Scott Olney
Harlan Bast Snr., Tom Adams and Jay Heidt qualified, started, but fell.

Division 2 Consi
1. Matt Browne
2. George Snodgrass
3. Mike Browne
4. Shawn Eldridge
5. Derek Silva
6. Glenn Scott

Division 3 Main
1. Mark Thomas
2. Tom Odekirk
3. Vince Bertolucci
4. Harry Bradwell
5. John Knapp
6. Robert Mellor
7. Mike Achilles
8. Kevin Fereira

Division 3 Consi
1. Jamie Hughes
2. Richard Powell
3. Ivan Sevart
4. Bill Warnock
5. Bill Dixon
6. Les Veale
7. Mark Blasey
8. Rich Mignano

Division 1 Juniors
1. Eric Carrillo
2. JJ Martynse
3. Chris Kerr
4. Bryan Yarrow
5. Jon Curry
6. AJ Jones
Eric Carrillo celebrated his 15th birthday with another Division 1 junior main win.

Division 2 Juniors
1. Brenton Bast
2. Ray Linn
3. Alex Marcucci
4. JT Mabry
5. Greg Hooten Jnr.

Division 3 Juniors
1. Chris Olney
2. T J Fowler
3. Mark Carrillo
4. Chris Smith
5. Danny Easley
6. Amanda English
7. Paul Johnson

Next week is the ultimate Speedway endurance test, the Fast Fridays 25 lapper.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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