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May 22, 1999 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Division 1
1st - 28 Pat "The Rat" Litt
2nd - 74 Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern
3rd - 5 Don "Batman" Foster
4th - 10 Jammin' Cam Brooks
5th - 17 Rob "Fire" Ball
     - 21 King Conn Harris
6th - 4 Calvin Harrington
7th - 80 Bouncin' Bobby Richards
8th - 45 Thumbs Up Chuck Johansen

Division 2
1st - 67 Ron "Pigpen" Grace Jr.
2nd - B52 Chad "Marshmallow" Mann
3rd - 27 Mike Rohr

Pigpen Grace zigzagged around Rohr and Marshmallow Mann for the win in race one. Fire Ball got the gate in the first D1 race, but scorched the earth in turn 3, lap 1. Batman Foster swooped in for the win. The second race was led by Kamikaze Kern until Rat Litt squeaked by on the inside of turn 2, lap 2.

Marshmallow Mann, in his snazzy new white leathers on his sparkling white bike, grabbed the gate but was overcome in a whirl of dirt as Pigpen Grace passed two turns later. D1 showed a battle between Kamikaze Kern and Fire Ball, with the two changing positions regularly. Kern managed to be ahead for the checkered. Bouncin' Bobby's bike bit the big one before the beginning of this batch, allowing Rat Litt to scuttle across the finish unencumbered.

D2s heat 3 was a repeat of the second. D1s Jammin' Cam hurried past Harrington on the back straight to sneak a second behind Kamikaze Kid. The Rat skittered through the Fire Ball to pass and get the win in the third.

D2 Main was a merry-go-round, with Pigpen Grace, Marshmallow Mann and Mike Rohr galloping after each other. D1s Main was a little more exciting, as Kamikaze Kern got the gate but bobbled in turn two and Batman Foster burst through for the win. Rat Litt took the win in the last race and for the night.

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