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June 5, 1999 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Division One
1st - 9 Scott 'Holeshot Holstein' Ormiston
2nd - 28 Pat 'The Rat' Litt
3rd - 80 Bouncin' Bobby Richards
4th - 74 Tom 'Kamikaze Kid' Kern
5th - 10 Jammin' Cam Brooks
6th - 4 Calvin 'The Calvinator' Harrington
7th - 21 King Conn Harris
8th - 5 Don 'Batman' Foster

Division Two
1st - 27 Mike 'Kitty' Rohr
2nd - B52 Chad 'Marshmallow' Mann

The night opened with Bobby Bouncin' back from broken bikes to take the checkered in the first race. The second race was amazing.. The first start was led by Kamikaze Kern, followed by Rat Litt, Holeshot Ormiston and Jammin' Cam. Ormiston herded past Litt, only to watch Kern park it in turn 2, lap 2, with Cam pulling in behind. The race was restarted and Litt was first to the corner, followed by Kern, Ormiston and Cam. Kitty Rohr led Division 2.

Holeshot Holstein Ormiston lived up to his name in the second heat and left everyone in the manure. Kern passed Batman Foster and Harrington on the back straight to take second. Litt led the next bunch and King Conn squeezed by Bouncin' Bobby for a second. Marshmallow Mann led this Division 2 heat.

We had our first handicap this evening. Harrington went down in turn 3 and Ormiston's bike needed a vet, but the remaining 8 riders put on a terrific show and King Conn took his first win of the season.

Batman Foster bit the dust in the B main, coming in behind Jammin' Cam, Harrington and King Conn. The A main witnessed Holeshot Ormiston leading Kern, Litt and Richards around the track for four laps. Kitty Rohr took Division 2.

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