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Bobbi Hunter
Bobbi and Shawn McConnell

Bobbi Lynn Hunter2012 Bobbi Hunter

Nickname: "Bobbi"
Rider Number: 280
Current Hometown: Fontana, California - USA
Place of Birth: Fontana, California - USA
Date of Birth: July 3
Occupation: Aerospace, Bartender, Truck driver
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Kolby Son Ryan Peterson. 2 time Iraq combat war veteran and Sgt. in the U.S. Army. Baseball player for the White Sands Pupfish of New Mexico and coach.
Relatives in Speedway:
E-mail: bobbihunter@yahoo.com
Facebook Page: Bobbi Hunter
Date Started Speedway: 1976 - 1991 (Started Flat track 1974 then went to speedway while doing stunt work.)

Color Photo by: Paul Flanders

Her father an ex hells angel amongst other things, she had the utmost desire to be as competitive (Disliked coming in 2nd) as any other racer with a mannerism that could not be defeated racer she competed with. To win ,To be the best at what she did respectfully.

Bobbi started racing at age 11 in flat track, short track half mile and T.T. events in the So-Cal area. Turning pro at 16,then becoming 80th in the state for district 37 amateur/expert field. Beginning speedway at 17 and becoming to this fans knowledge (based on facts) one of the most successful female racers in speedway and flat track racing to date.

Bike: 500 Schaeffer, Jawa, 250 Yamaha YZ, 125 Yamaha YZ,100 Hodaka, 125 Enduro, 250 Honda

Tracks Ridden:
USA: IMS, Costa Mesa, Ventura, Irwindale, Ascot, Bakersfield, Cal Expo, Auburn, Hanford, Wembley, Perris, Corona, Elsinore


2012 - Attended Legends Night Industry Racing 08/01/12

Bobbi Hunter Bobbi Hunter
Bobbi Hunter and Pam Bennett 1977 Kathy Sheppard, Bobbi Hunter,
and Pam Bennett
Bobbi Hunter Bobbi Hunter
Bobbi and Keith Chrisco
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