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Dave GalvinDave Galvin

Nickname: "The Flyin' Fireman"
Rider Number: 10
Current Hometown: Eastvale, California - USA
Place of Birth: California - USA
Date of Birth: 1948
Occupation: Retired
Wife: Peggie Galvin
Children: Son Bryan
Relatives in Speedway: Son Bryan Galvin - Grandsons Dario Galvin, Braydan Galvin, Bryson Galvin, and Nathan Galvin
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: 1969 - ~1980s
Reason to Race Speedway: Went to watch Speedway one night and just had to do it
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway: Make 1st Division, win and have fun doing it.
Photo by: Dennis Greene

Bike: Jawa

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Ascot - Bakersfield - Costa Mesa - Cal-Expo, Sacramento - Irwindale - Medford Oregon - Napa - San Bernardino - Ventura

Made 1st Division and won 16 main events.
1976 - League Champions - Team Racing - Bakersfield Bandits
Was chosen to go on the exhibition tour to Georgia and Daytona Beach. Got race against Barry Briggs, Ivan Mauger and Bert Harkins.
Digger Helm, Jeff Sexton, Dubbs Ferrell, Brian "Thumper Short", Donny Cullum and Bert Harkins

Dave Galvin
Bakersfield Bandits 1976
L-R Digger Helm, Jeff Sexton, Dubbs Ferrell, Brian "Thumper" Short
Donny Cullum, Dave Galvin, Bert Harkins and Steve Nutter

Dave Galvin

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