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Guy O'Neal Waterson

February 2, 1956 - March 6, 1993

Guy starting racing at a very young age, in his early teens he rode and partook in motocross racing but at age 14 he misled Jean Fink at a sign up booth one night at a speedway race and the rest is history.

At such a young age and small body frame, his speed and daredevil antics help him achieve a name for himself at the tracks. He rode side by side with the best there was, Steve Bast, Mike Bast, Bruce Penhall, Bobby Schwartz, Brad Oxley, Sunny Nutter just to name a few.

He qualified for the 1972, 1973 and 1974 Speedway National Championships. He then took a break from racing for several years, then in 1984 re-entered the race world once again. His first night back racing at Ventura Fairgrounds he smoked the competition in Division II and was moved up to Division 1 the following week.

After 2 seasons he laced his boots for the last time and the only other times he walked on the tracks was as a spectator.

Guy passed away on March 6, 1993. He was the proud father of Geani-Michelle and Matthew O'Neal the loving husband to Dee-Dee Perez-Waterson and a wonderful son to Hank and Dolly Waterson. His one and only sister Jeanine Waterson passed away in December of 2002.

I'm so honored to have been able to share a little bit of the past of a great American Sport 'SPEEDWAY.'

I HOPE that you have enjoyed the programs, pictures and memories that we Waterston's hold dearly in our hearts.

Feel Free to contact me at Sunsetdee@yahoo.com

(A photo history is located on Speedway Programs web site under the USA link.)

Guy Waterson
Bakersfield August 1971

Guy Waterson

Guy Waterson

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