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Mom, Dad
Grandpa Gene
Grandma Roxanne & Mike Faria
Jimmy Gentile

Harley FisherHarley Fisher

Nickname: "Chopper"
Rider Number: 36 Pee Wee
Current Hometown: Clifton Campville - UK
Place of Birth: San Bernardino, California - USA
Date of Birth: December 1, 2008
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Relatives in Speedway: Father Ryan Fisher, Grandfather Gene Woods, Step Grandfather Mike Faria and Great Uncle Rick Woods
Email: daelynwoods@yahoo.com
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: May 9, 2014
Reason to Race Speedway: Beat dad someday.
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway: Beat Flyin' Mike Faria first.
Top Right Photo RC Jones
Photos: Dorcey Wingo

Bike: PW50

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Pirate Speedway, San Bernardino

2017 - 3rd Place Mini 150 Second Division Gumball Final - Gumball Rally - Industry Racing 02/26/17
2014 - 4th Place Pee Wee - Pirate Speedway 05/16/14
2014 - 2nd Place Pee Wee 2nd Division Main - Pirate Speedway 05/09/14
2014 - Won first ever heat race, 5/9/14



Harley Fisher
Gumball Rally - Industry Racing February 26, 2017

L Gene Woods - R Harley Fisher
Gene Woods and Harley - May 9, 2014
Dorcey Wingo Photo

Harley Fisher

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