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Kelly Moran

September 21, 1960 - April 4, 2010

World Team Cup Champion 1982, 1990
US National Champion 1983, 1984

Nickname: "Wizard of Balance"
Hometown: Lakewood, California, USA
Occupation: Professional Speedway Rider
Started Speedway: 1974 (Junior); 1976 (professional)
Bike: JBR Jawa & GM
Brother: Shawn Moran

1990 - World Team Cup Champion
1988 - Runner up World Team Cup Championship
1987 - 3rd World Team Cup Championship
1986 - US Spring Classic Champion
1985 - Bruce Penhall Classic Champion
1984 - US National Champion
1984 - US Best Pairs Champion (with Mike Faria)
1984 - 4th World Individual Championship
1984 - 3rd World Team Cup Championship
1984 - Ventura Track Champion
1983 - 3rd World Team Cup Championship
1983 - US National Champion
1982 - World Team Cup Champion
1982 - 4th World Individual Championship
1979 - 4th World Individual Championship

Kelly Moran Memorial
April 10, 2010

A warm sunny afternoon with white puffy clouds greeted over 300 people at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds for the Kelly Moran memorial service. A lone bagpipe players music drifted thought the stadium as riders, friends and acquaintances from all over the world gathered for one final salute to their beloved King Kelly.

It was a very visual and beautiful setting. Everyone was seated in the main grandstands. Below were several roped off tables decorated with flowers, trophies and lots of Kelly pictures. Seated behind the tables were fellow racers Barry Briggs, Bruce Penhall, Ronnie Preston, Lance King, Dennis Sigalos, Steve Gresham, John Cook and Bobby Schwartz.

It started a little past one with Pete Rovazzini. He talked about Kelly and what they meant to each other. The others followed. Each had great stories about the man, about the legend. It was good talk.

Live guitar music was played as they went out on the track. Pete sprinkled some of Kelly's ashes at the starting line. Then BP and RP did the same. They all walked around the track Kelly loved to race on in the way-back-days and sprinkled some more of his ashes. It was very moving. Then it was back to the podium for one more round of quick story telling. The crowd was fascinated.

Now it's not for me to say what those stories were but they did involve racing, drinking, partying, going through customs, wreaking cars and locking Kelly in the trunk of a car. Very funny stuff. Very moving memories.

By 3pm the memorial was finished. Most stayed and talked, some went over to the pits for burgers, dogs and chicken that Jeff Immediato had been cooking. Bench racing was in full order and everyone had at least one or more stories.

The afternoon turned into the evening. Racers crowded the pits for their first Costa Mesa Speedway event of 2010.

The grandstands filled with spectators who were totally unaware of the memorial. They were there to see the new generation of Speedway gladiators. They were not disappointed. Racing filled the air till the final main was run.

April 10, 2010 was a special day. We said goodbye to a friend, a racer, a champion. And just like Kelly wanted it we said hello to another season of a sport he loved dearly.

Howie - speedwayzar <razamataz91107@yahoo.com>

Photos by Scott Daloisio
Kelly Moran     Kelly Moran
#1 Kelly leading the pack at Costa Mesa   Kelly Moran 1984 American Final

Kelly Moran
Kelly Moran 1982 World Final

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