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Michael "Mickey" Corcoran

March 11, 1943 - February 28, 2014

Nickname: "Mickey"
Rider Number:16
Hometown: North Highlands, California - USA
Place of Birth: Glendale, California - USA
Date of Birth: March 11, 1943
Occupation: McClellan Air Force Base - Fiberglass & Plastics Repair and Manufacturing
Marital Status:
Children: Jeff Corcoran, Cindy Corcoran and Danille Corcoran
Grandchildren: Michael, Kelli, Noah, Brian and Madelyn
Relatives in Speedway:
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Started Speedway: 1971-1972
Reason to Race Speedway: Wanted another Challenge and it was new and exciting ... he was a champion in Flat Track racing.
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:
Photo by: Courtesy Photo

Tracks Ridden: Cal-Expo Arena, Napa Town & County Fairgrounds and Track in Reno, Nevada

Bike: He bought a JAP and rode it for both years....

Achievements: 1968 Sportsman Short Track Champion, Multiple Cycleland Speedway Championships, District 36 Champion, Western Region and National Sportsman Champion.

He achieved the highest honor awarded at Cycleland Speedway in Chico, California called the "Scratchman". He merits this distinction for having Advanced to the rear. As a rider wins a handicap main he advances to the rear, until he reaches the Maximum Yardage of 45 yards behind the starting line. He must ride all Handicap Mains from this point, he receives from this position. If he succeeds in winning three Handicap Mains from this point he is awarded the "Scratchman Trophy."

Link to Cal Expo Program August 11, 1972 and to Cal Expo Program September 8, 1972

Mike Corocan   Mike Corocan

Mike Corocan

Mike Corocan   Mike Corocan

Hey RC I found this site and remember many of the racers as I have been a speedway fan since the early 70's

I see that you do a page to those that have left us ... well this past week we lost my uncle to COPD and Emphysema ... his name was Michael "Mickey" Corcoran #16...he raced in the early 1970's at Cal Expo with the Rooney Brothers, Paul Orlandi, the late Rich McMurray (my uncle's best friend at time).

My Uncle was more known for his championships at Cycleland in the 60's and tried his hand at Speedway bikes for 2-3 years. I'm going through his pictures, but was wondering if his name and a small Bio could be added to your site to honor him....

Thanks for you time....

Adam J. Ulrey (Nephew)

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