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Rocky RobinsonRocky Robinson

2010 Motorcycle World Record Land Speed Record Holder at 376.363MPH
1989 Northern California Speedway Champion

Nickname: "Rocketman"
Rider Number: 6
Hometown: Grass Valley, California - USA
Place of Birth: Compton, California - USA
Birthdate: March 9, 1961
Occupation: Land Speed Racer, Author, Auburn Toyota - Sales
Wife: Tricia
Children: Kristin, Mario and Ryan
Relatives in Speedway: Brother: Buddy Robinson
Started Speedway: Visalia Speedway 1983 - 1990
E-mail: rockjok6@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.rocky-robinson.com
Blog: www.rocky-robinson.blogspot.com
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Photos by: RC Jones
Photos from Bonneville 2010

Rocky's Speedway School YouTube Video

Speedway: Jawa and later Weslakes, a Godden for a short time
LSR Bike: Top 1 Ack Attack - twin engine Hayabusa powered streamliner, intercooled, turbocharged, efi., Motec data acquisition. Carbon fiber shell, 21 1/2 feet long, over 1000 hp. Top speed 400+ mph

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Auburn - Cal Expo, Sacramento - Ventura Speedway Costa Mesa - Victorville - Napa - Baylands - San Bernardino, Inland Motorsports Speedway - Ascot (Speedway Track) - Ascot (1/2 mile) - Hanford - Visalia

2010 - Motorcycle World Land Speed Record Holder 376.363 mph - Top Exit Speed 394 mph!
2010 - First record over 600 km/h (373 mph)
2008 - Motorcycle World Land Speed Record Holder 360.913 mph
2006 - Motorcycle World Land Speed Record Holder 342.797 mph
2006 - First to break Dave Campos/Easyriders record of 322 mph which lasted for 16 years!

1989 - Northern California Speedway Champion
1989 - Napa Wine Cup Speedway Champion

Rocky Robinson

Rocky Robinson

Bonneville September 20-25, 2010
Rocky Robinson
Last minute wind check.

Ack Attack with Rocky Robinson
Running and ready

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