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Tom Ferris

1952 - December 2006

In Memory Tom Ferris


Tom Ferris was a very good, smooth rider. He had nice style. He rode and raced everyone very cleanly. A great competitor. He died on December of 2006 at age 54.

When there was team racing he rode of Bakersfield Bandits. He raced his first national at Costa Mesa the night after Ian was born. Rode ice races at Reno,Rode a big race at Fresno collage.

Tom moved to Northern California in 1979 and started at Auburn, Cal Expo, Napa, and later on he started riding Reno, Turlock, Baylands, and Angels Camp when tracks were opened.

His Grandson is Jameson Ferris







In Memory Tom FerrisIn Memory Tom Ferris

In Memory Tom FerrisIn Memory Tom Ferris
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