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Bobby OttBobby Ott

Speedway World Cup Champion Team 1992, 1993

Nickname: "Show Time"
Rider Number:
Hometown: Kentucky
Place of Birth: Inglewood, California - USA
Date of Birth: November 17, 1962
Marital Status: Married
Relatives in Speedway:
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Date Started Speedway:
Reason to Race Speedway:
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Photos by: Scott Daloisio


Tracks Ridden:
USA: Costa Mesa Speedway - Victorville Speedway - Maely's - Ascot - Baylands - and all of the others


"I remember having the privilege of seeing Bobby Ott in action, when I stayed next door to Gary Hicks house in Riverside in 1986. He won the Californian Championship if I remember correctly, and he was always hanging off his bike so much that his butt almost scraped the ground while he was crossed up. Of all the guys I saw during my visits to the old San Berdoo, Ascot, Victimville(!) Costa Mesa and Baylands, he did more than Mike Faria (who won more races) to impress me. I suppose you could compare Ott's style to an unorthodox Bruce Penhall - kind-of-style (i.e. all the grace, but not so correct), but my memories are of him pulling full lockers almost all the way round....exciting stuff. I'm afraid the longer British tracks wouldn't have suited him quite so well, because of the wider turns. Did anybody see him ride in the U.K?"
- Stephen Magro stvmagro@tig.com.au - Brisbane, Australia

"ShowTime Bobby Ott rode for Belle Vue from 1990 to 1993, before moving on to Kings Lynn. He certainly made an impression with the Aces in more ways that just riding, but I have to admit, he was a spectacular rider. There was a bit of publicity when he lived near Taffy Owen for a while, when he would jog around the track whenever he could, then ride his one wheel bike (it was a conventional pedal cycle with the front wheel removed) to practise his balance. A real wild guy."
- Ian Charles Conkers@iconsterdine.freeserve.co.uk

"Bobby Ott lives back East now. I believe he lives in Kentucky and owns a farm or maybe he just has a lot of land. A few years ago he started the season without a ride and was home and then Hull summoned him back to England. I believe that was 1996 and that he hasn't ridden since. He was truly an entertainer, I remember when I was practicing as a junior out at Indian Dunes and he was out there on an old two-valve Jawa before his first year and he was absolutely NUTS!!!!"
- Ryan Evans Sideways31@aol.com

Photos by Scott Daloisio - Speedway Motorcycle Photos

Top photo Carlsbad, middle and bottom photos from 1987 US Nationals, Costa Mesa.

Bobby Ott

Bobby Ott

Bobby Ott

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