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Carlos Cardona

April 22, 1963 - March 11, 2004

1997 Carlos Cardona

I wanted to let the world of Speedway know that we have lost a great friend. Carlos Cardona passed away, after a long battle with cancer, on Thursday afternoon.

Most of you know that Carlos is the one who got me started in speedway. Without his inspiration and rides to the races way back when, I might never had achieved what I have in the sport. I have so many wonderful memories and I am so grateful to call them mine.

I now know that Carlos is up there, along with Ken Maely, with front row seats to every Speedway event in the world.

God speed, Carlos, #282.

We love you.

Billy Hamill March 14, 2004

(March 14, 2004)
I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Carlos. He gave it a heck of a fight and I thought he had beaten it. I'll miss him...........
Shirley Inman March 14, 2004

(March 14, 2004)
I am so sorry. Jim and I just got to watch the first round of the AMA Nationals last night and was very happy to see the clip of Carlos. I said a prayer for him as I watched that, and today this. You know sometimes we question why things happen the way they do, but Heaven was in need of an angel and they got one of the best. I know how saddened you must be as we know how close you were. Just remember all the good times and know how much Carlos adored you. We will!!!
Godspeed to a wonderful friend,
Love Always,
Kymber and Jim Estes March 14, 2004

(March 14, 2004)
Hello Fans,
The Sport has lost another great person. Carlos and I struck up a friendship in the early 70's at Irwindale . My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Those of us who had the pleasure of his friendship will dearly miss him.
Sincerely , Gene the Machine March 14, 2004

(March 15, 2004)
I met Carlos (Crashwall) Cardona 20+ years ago and the one thing i will never forget is the crushing handshake that the man had. Anyone who shook hands with him will know what I'm talking about.

Scott Eberhart March 15, 2004

(March 16, 2004)
Hello. A correction to an earlier post. Society has lost a great person. Carlos was an asset to the world. Anyone who has the pleasure of his acquaintance will know what I'm talking about.
Billy, Our memories of Carlos will live with us forever. As he takes his place with Ken and all the rest, I'll give him a Moooore Beer.
Gene the Machine March 16, 2004

You may have heard of Carlos and then again, maybe you have not. As a rider, he is dedicated. As a speedway follower I know of few who are more loyal to the sport. As an all around nice person, you will not find any nicer. As an important person in United States speedway history, lets just say he is the best kept secret going. You see, Carlos Cardona and his family are responsible for 1996 World Speedway Champion Billy Hamill getting involved in the sport. When Hamill was little, he lived on the same street as the Cardona family. They began taking him to the races and the rest, as you may say, is history. To this day he is still one of "The Bullet's" closest friends.
Scott Daloisio Stssprts@aol.com

Cardona first became involved in speedway in 1972 when he started going to the races at the now defunct Irwindale Speedway. One of his companions in those days was his younger brother Juan, who is now like a walking encyclopedia on the sport world wide. In those days, Carlos began to follow his favorite all-time rider, seven time National Champion Mike Bast.

Cardona, who was the first rider to go by the nickname "Crashwall," has ridden several tracks during his long career. He has gone sideways at Costa Mesa, Ascot (South Bay), Ascot (1/2 mile), San Bernardino (IMS), Glen Helen, Ridgecrest, Lake Perris, Bakersfield and Ventura.

Nickname: "Crashwall"
Rider Number: 82
Hometown: Duarte, California - USA
Occupation: Machinist
Marital Status: Single
Son & #1 Fan: C.J.
Relatives in Speedway:
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway:
Reason to Race Speedway:
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:
1997 Photo by: Gary Roberts

Bike: Weslake

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Fairgrounds Raceway - Costa Mesa - Ascot (1/2 mile) - Ascot (South Bay) - San Bernardino (IMS) - Glen Helen Speedway - Ridgecrest - Lake Perris - Bakersfield - Ventura

Sponsored By:
Billy Hamill Racing
Les Ransom
Cardona Family
Jeff Hoyt
Scott Daloisio
Team Jesus

2003 - Ken Maely's Nov 29 - 2nd Division saw Carlos Cardona, the man attributed with introducing Billy Hamill to speedway, back on a speedway bike, after many years of non-riding. It was amazing to see how easy Carlos made it look after so many years.

2003 2003 2003

CENTER PHOTO: Billy Hamill Team members Carlos Cardona (left) and Mike Lord (right). They are Billy's pit crew when he races in California. Mike and Billy have been best friends since their school days. Carlos is responsible for Billy's involvement in speedway because he used to take Billy to watch speedway at Irwindale and helped get him started as a Junior.

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