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JDK Drywall Systems, Loomis

John Knapp1999 John Knapp

Rider Number:
Hometown: Loomis, California - USA
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth: August 10, 1966
Occupation: Construction Contractor
Wife: Lisa
Children: Savanna and Dallas
Relatives in Speedway:
E-mail: jdkdrywl@vfr.com
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: 1999 - 2000
Reason to Race Speedway: Was ready to start 15 years ago, but spend his money on a wedding. Its taken him 15 years to save up again. "He is a great Dad and is excited about speedway. I think he decided to start racing now, so he can teach Dallas in a couple years!" - Lisa
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway:
Photo by: Gary Roberts

Bike: Weslake

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Fast Fridays, Auburn

2000 - Fast Fridays Events May 19, Jun 23, Jul 7, Jul 7, Jul 14, Aug 11
1999 - John Cook Speedway Academy - Fast Fridays Jun 12/13
1999 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 4, Jun 11, Jun 25, Jul 2, Jul 16, Jul 30, Aug 6, Aug 20, Aug 27

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