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Kevin Harrison2002 Kevin Harrison

Rider Number: 242
Hometown: Antioch, California - USA
Place of Birth:
Date of Birth: September 2, 1964
Occupation: Hospital Lab Technician
Wife: Barbara
Children: Ashley, Timothy and Elizabeth
Relatives in Speedway:
E-mail: Wcp21@aol.com
Web Site or Facebook Page:
Date Started Speedway: May 10, 2002 - 2002
Reason to Race Speedway: Wanted to do it many years ago, but had to wait for available finances.
Goals or Ambitions for Speedway: To have fun.
Photo by:

Bike: Jawa laydown

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Fast Fridays, Auburn - Chowchilla

2004 Chowchilla Event Jan 10
2003 Chowchilla Event Dec 6

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