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Malcolm RoeMalcolm Roe

Rider Number: 180
Hometown: Santa Margarita, California, USA
Place of Birth:
Birthdate: September 29, 1961
Wife: Cheri
Children: Jason and Kristin
Facebook Page: Malcolm Roe
Web Site: Xtremesport
Started Speedway:
E-mail: malcolmroe@wildblue.net
Photos By: Dorcey Wingo and CNC Racing

RTS LWB 884-5 Jawa
RTS LWB SOHC Antig Weslake
RTS LWB Pushrod Weslake
1972 Wenn-Jawa 2 Valve

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Industry Hills - Costa Mesa - Santa Maria Fairgrounds - Ventura - Arrowhead Speedway, San Bernardino - Santa Maria Raceway
Hometown track: the High Gear Ranch Raceway in Paso Robles.
Many Grasstracks in Northern England, The old Hyde Road Belle Vue in Manchester, England, Crewe Speedway, and Stoke Speedway, Ellesmereport Speedway on Merseyside

2017 - 3rd Place Vintage West Coast Championship Main - Ventura Raceway 09/30/17
2017 - 3rd Place Vintage Main - Ventura Raceway 07/22/17
2016 - 3rd Place Vintage - Vintage West Coast Championships - Ventura Raceway 09/17/16
2016 - Vintage Main - Ventura 07/23/16
2016 - 2nd Place Vintage Main - Ventura Raceway 06/25/16
2016 - 1st Place Vintage Main - Ventura Raceway 06/18/16
2016 - 2nd Place Vintage Main - Santa Maria 04/23/16, 09/03/16
2015 - 3rd Place Support West Coast Championship - Ventura 09/19/15
2015 - Vintage Main - Ventura 03/07/15
2014 - Aces Team Member (Vintage) 11 points - Ventura 10/04/14
2014 - 3rd Place Vintage Bikes - Ventura 06/28/14
2008 - Ventura Event 09/27/08
2007 - Industry Event 07/07/07
2004 - 1st Place Support B Main Costa Mesa 06/05/04
2003 - Costa Mesa Events 09/13/03, 08/23/03, 05/31/03
2002 - Arrowhead Event 03/09/02
2002 - Costa Mesa Event 09/28/02, 09/21/02, 09/14/02

Malcolm Roe
Ventura June 18, 2016
Dorcey Wingo Photo

Malcolm Roe

July 31, 1999 After practicing on a dry track I simply was not ready for the amount of grip at Costa Mesa last night. Coming out in 3rd div, I did a practice start and new immediately that I was in trouble. Axle not far back enough/wrong tire pressure etc. The tapes went up and I just sat there wondering what to do. I set off and got into 2nd, then coming out of turn 4 I crashed into the wall and went over the handlebars, all on lap 1. This was where Rubio crashed, lucky for me I was going a lot slower and managed to get up, wave to the crowd and walk away.

I came 2nd in the consolation with a pathetic display of timid riding. I just wanted to go home in one piece at this point. Lots of fun though on my first official ride in 22 years!

1st bike was a 125 BSA Bantam built by Mr. Bill Collins. I used to ride it with the Collins Clan on a field behind their house.

I joined the Lancashire Junior Riders Grasstrack Club in the early 70`s . The club produced many riders who went on to be professional. The Collins, Louis and Peter Carr, Ian and Paul Stead, Sean Wilmott and a British Grasstrack champ another neighbour Andy Riley. Another Club member rode in the states, Keith Rylance Jr. I saw him ride in 1982 at the Ventura Track the night that Kelly and Shawn Moran didn't show up.

Other bikes I`ve ridden in Junior Grasstrack include Hagon framed Bridgestone 90, Hagon framed Puch 125 and another Hagon with a 250 BSAC15. My 1st Speedway bike was a chromed Hagon (again) framed 1967 Jawa, 23yrs later I am the proud owner of a much more modern and spiffy 1969 Jawa. The reason that I got into the sport was because the Collins lived across the road and it seemed like everyone else in the surrounding neighbourhood rode too, so, hey, join the club. I also helped with the Santa Maria Fairgrounds track doing a variety of jobs. I found out what an incredible amount of work goes into staging a race.

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