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NJK Leathers

NJK Leathers

NJK Leathers- Kelcey Gordon
1040 Calle Cordillera, Suite 101
San Clemente, CA USA 92673
Phone: (949) 481-3005
Fax: (949) 481-3006
Website: NJK Leathers
E-mail: kelcey@njkleathers.com

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NJK Leathers
NJK Leathers are worn by:
Gene Bonsignore, Jason Bonsignore. Gary Hicks, Josh Larson, "Rad" Brad Oxley, Don Odom, Chris Manchester, Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz, Charlie Venegas
1998 photo by Gary Roberts at the 1998 American Final

NJK Leathers
Check out the riders wearing NJK Leathers.
Left to right, left side of truck: Louis Kossuth, Bart Bast, Tommy Hedden, Pat Linn, Chad Felicio. Left to right, right side of truck: Jimmy Sisemore, Bobby Hedden, Bob Hicks.
Photo from Fast Fridays Speedway

1998 Kelcey Gordon

See the video of his appearance at Champion Speedway in New York.

NJK Leathers

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