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Speed, Exhilaration & Determination

Speed, Exhilaration & Determination

Speed, Exhilaration & Determination

City College Station
(Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA)
Artist: Eun Lee Cho
Title: Speed, Exhilaration & Determination
Media: Bronze - 2005
Eun Lee Cho was inspired to create the artwork after observing students using a popular mode of transportation as they passed through the campus. The life-size, semi-abstract figure on a bicycle is rendered in a loose, expressive style, reflecting the energy and dynamism of bicycle riders. Its exaggerated curves and gesture give an overall impression of speed, exhilaration and determination–thus the title of the artwork
RC Jones Photo.
Editors Note: After talking to the artist this afternoon she said many mentioned it was a motorcycle, and it is how the person perceives the art work... Wheels and Speed!

California Speedway Motorcycle Tracks

To be included a track must have staged at least one genuine race meeting and it has to have been staged on some form of a dirt surface. As a result practice tracks, grass-tracks, ice-races and events on concrete tracks are not included. Neither are meetings on long-tracks (over 500 yards) nor events where speedway is only a tiny part of a large flat-track race event although mixed events are where speedway is a significant part of the program.

Data for the list has been gleaned from any available source that I could find - old mags, race programs, the internet, books, riders etc. but is also limited to these sources so additional information that anyone can supply would be greatly appreciated. Any kindred spirits willing and able to do so can reach me by e-mail at luke99@rogers.com Regards, Duncan Luke.

Editors Note: I took Duncan's original spreadsheet and added further data, such as promoters and other information that I have found. Cheers RC Jones.

City / Town Name/Stadium - Location - Promoters When Operated Maybe Operated
ANAHEIM Anaheim Stadium (temporary track) 1979  
AUBURN Gold County Fairgrounds
(Auburn Speedway then Fast Fridays)
Promoters: Fred Spencer - Paul Orlandi - John Houston
Rich VanderMeeden & Tedd Scruggs - Dave Joiner
BAKERSFIELD Bakersfield Speedway, Oildale
Promoters Digger Helm 1980's - Brad Oxley 1990's
1983-1984 1996-1997 1982, 1985
BAKERSFIELD Bakersfield Speedway
Kern County Fairgrounds
Promoter Digger Helm 1970 to ?
Promoter Johnny Gibson 1984
1970-1977 and 1982  
CALAVERAS Calaveras County Fairgrounds 1983  
CARLSBAD Carlsbad Raceway 1985 1986
CARRUTHERS (15m S.W. of Fresno) 1980-1981  
CHICO Cycleland Raceway (14 miles south of Chico) 1987 and 1998-1999  
CHOWCHILLA Chowchilla Fairgrounds, Sliding Sideways 2003-2004  
CHULA VISTA South Bay Park 1975-1976 and 1978 1974, 1977 
CORONA Ken Maely's Ranch 1983-1984 2003-2004 1974+
COSTA MESA International Speedway then Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Promoters Harry Oxley, then Brad Oxley
DEL MAR Horse Rodeo Arena. Promoter Ron Preston 1995 1997
DIXON Sideways Saturdays
Dixon Fairgrounds
Promoter: Dane Besneatte
EL CAJON El Cajon High School  (running track} 1970  
EL CENTRO Imperial Valley Fairgrounds (temporary tracks)
Promoter Ron Preston
1983-1988 and 1997 1996
FOLSOM   1977 and 2011  
FORT BRAGG*   Possibly the '80's 
FREMONT Baylands Raceway Park                     1984-1988 1983
FRESNO Ratcliffe Stadium   1985 - 1986  
GARDENA South Bay Stadium, Ascot Park 1985-1990  
GARDENA Ascot Park (Quarter mile track) (139th and Western) 1978-1980 1971-1973
GLEN HELEN Glen Helen Speeday OHV Park 1988-1995  
HANFORD King's District Fair Grounds 1975-1979 and 1985 1974, 1980
HEMET Hemet Fairgrounds 1983  
INDIAN DUNES Indian Dunes Park (near Valencia) 1974-1975 and 1982-1984  
INDIO Riverside County Fairgrounds 1970 and 1972 1971
INDUSTRY HILLS The Grand (In San Gabriel Valley) 2004-Present  
IRVINE OCIR (Orange County International Raceway) 1974-1975  
IRWINDALE San Gabriel Valley Speedway
Johnny Gipson
IRWINDALE Irwindale Raceway
Promoters: Johnny Gipson and Ed Meister
LAKE ELSINORE Lake Elsinore Motocross Park 1979 and 2004  
LAKE PERRIS*     Early 1970's
LAKE PERRIS Lake Perris Fairgrounds (temporary tracks) 1989-1990  
LAKE PERRIS Lake Perris Fairgrounds (1/8 mile) Lake Perris Speedway 1991-1994  
LAKE PERRIS Lake Perris Fairgrounds (Quarter Mile)  PAS 1996 and 2009-2010
  Perris Raceway, Burton Road (First track)
Promoter: Steve Evans 2007 - 2008 (maybe 2006 Gumball Rally)
Promoter: Carrie Hancock 2009
2005 - 2010  
  Perris Raceway, Burton Road (Second (longer) track)
Promoter: Carrie Hancock 2010 - 2012
Promoter: Steve Evans 2014
2010 - 2012
2014 - Present
LANCASTER Antelope Valley Fairgrounds 1970, 1982-1984, 1990 1971-1972
LIVERMORE Club Moto Speedway 1998  
LONG BEACH Veterans Memorial Stadium 1981-1991  
LOS ANGELES Memorial Sports Arena
Promoter: Great Bear Enterprises
LOS ANGELES Memorial Coliseum (Small 'D' shaped temp track) 1975  
LOS ANGELES Memorial Coliseum  (FIM sized temporary tracks) 1981-1982  
NAPA Napa Town & Country Fairgrounds
Promotor Dennis Robinson 1980 - 1991 and maybe 1992
1972-1975 1980-1991 1979 -1992
PACOIMA Whiteman Stadium 1968-1969  
PASO ROBLES Paso Robles Speedway
San Luis Obispo County Fairgrounds
PEARSONVILLE Hi-Desert Speedway (Inyo County) 1984  

Perris Raceway, Burton Road (First track)
Promoters: Billy Hamill and Jerry Litten 2006 Gumball Rally
Promoters: Steve Evans and Jerry Litten 2007
Promoter Steve Evans 2008 - 2010


Perris Raceway, Burton Road, 2nd (longer) track
Promoter: Carrie Hancock 2010 - 2012
Promoter: Steve Evans 2014 - Present

PRAIRIE CITY OHV Park, Big Time Speedway 2011-Present  
QUINCEY one event date unknown    
RED BLUFF Tehama Fairgrounds, Red Bluff Speedway 1998 and 2008  
RIDGECREST Desert Empire Fairgrounds
Promoters Maurice Kreisberg (1983) - Steve Evans
1983 and 2008-2010  
SACRAMENTO Cal-Expo Arena (cement walled)
Promoter: Al Lauer
1970-1973, 1980  
SACRAMENTO Cal-Expo Rodeo Arena 1 (large enough)
Promoter: Al Lauer - John Houston
SACRAMENTO Cal-Expo Rodeo Arena 2 (smaller)
Promoters: John Houston, Mike Rooney and
Promoter CLB Enterprises (Dane Besneatte)
1987-1991 1998-2001  
SADDLEBACK PARK (near Rancho Santiago College, Orange) 1977 and 1983  
SAN BERNARDINO Inland Motor Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds
Promoter: John LaDouceur
SAN BERNARDINO Arrowhead Motorcycle Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds (inside car track)
Promoters: Charlie Venegas and Dukie Ermolenko
SAN BERNARDINO Arrowhead Motorcycle Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds
Promoter: Charlie Venegas
SAN BERNARDINO Orange Show Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds (inside car track)
Promoter: Brad Oxley
SAN BERNARDINO Inland Motorsport Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds
Promoters: Jason Bonsignore and Shawn McConnell
SAN BERNARDINO Pirate Speedway
Orange Show Fairgrounds
Promoter: Shawn McConnell
2013 - 2014  
SAN DIEGO Barona Speedway ?  
SAN FRANCISCO** Cow Palace 1974-1975  
SAN JACINTO Competition Cycle Park   2000
SAN JOSE San Jose Fairgrounds 1975-1976 1977
SANTA ANA Eddie West Field / Santa Ana Stadium Bowl  1977-1979 1980
SANTA BARBARA Valley Stadium 1969  
SANTA BARBARA La Playa Stadium (Univ.of Santa Barbara) 1977  
SANTA BARBARA Earl Warren Showgrounds 1989-1990  
SANTA MARIA Manetti Arena (Santa Barbara County Fairgrounds) 1984-1986  
SANTA MARIA Fairgrounds Raceway
Promoters: John Richardson - John VanderMeullen
1991, 1996-1997  
SANTA MARIA Santa Maria Raceway
Promoter: Mike Kappmeyer - (Steve Evans)
SAUGAS Bonelle Stadium ( San Fernando Valley) 1969  
SEARS POINT Sears Point Raceway 1974-1976  
SOUTH GATE Trojan Raceway / South Gate Raceway 1968 and 1971 1969-1970 
TAFT   1980-1981  
TURLOCK Stanislaus Fairgrounds 1984  
VALLEJO Solano County Fairgrounds Sports Arena 1994-1996  
VALLEJO Golden Gate Motor Speedway
Solano County Fairgrounds
Promoter: Charlie Venegas
VENTURA Ventura County Fairgrounds 1971-1987, 1994
VICTORVILLE San Bernardino County Fairgrounds (Speedway USA) 1985-1997  
VICTORVILLE Wheel2Wheel Raceway, San Bernadino County Fairgrounds 2002-2013  
VISALIA Plaza Park Arena / Park Plaza Fairgrounds 1982-1984   
WINCHESTER Wild West Arena 2003-2004  
WOODLAND Yolo County Fairgrounds 1976  
* To be confirmed      
** Indoor track with dirt surface.    


City / Town Name/Stadium - Location - Promoters When Operated Maybe Operated
BELMONT Belmont Speedway 1934  
CONCORD    1945-1946  
CORNELL CORNERS (Malibu) 1957  
CULVER CITY Culver City Stadium 1932, 1934 1949-1950  
DINUBA   1949  
EL TORO Orange County Speedway 1960's  
FRESNO Fresno State College Stadium 1933-1936  
FRESNO Airport Speedway
Italian Entertainment Park
GARDENA Gardena Stadium (139th and Western) 1956  
HUNTINGTON BEACH Talbert Raceway 1948  
LODI Lodi Stadium 1945-1947  
LONG BEACH Moto-Speedway 1932-1937  
LOS ANGELES Breakfast Club, Riverside Drive. 1931  
LOS ANGELES White Sox (Ball) Park, Pasadena 1931-1933  
LOS ANGELES Jim Jeffries Ranch, Burbank 1932  
LOS ANGELES Loyola Stadium (Venice Blvd.at Normandie) 1932-1934  
LOS ANGELES Memorial Coliseum (3911 S Figueroa St) 1934  
LOS ANGELES Gilmore Stadium, Beverley Hills 1933-1936  
LOS ANGELES Atlantic Boulevard Stadium 1934-1936  
LOS ANGELES Slauson & Western track 1940-1942, 1945  
LOS ANGELES Don-Mar Park 1947  
LOS ANGELES Lincoln Park Stadium, Mission Road 1946-1950  
MODESTO Modesto Junior College Stadium 1932-1933  
OAKLAND Emeryville Motorcycle Speedway 1933-1937  
OAKLAND Neptune Stadium 1939  
OCEANSIDE Oceanside Recreation Park 1930's  
PACHECO Contra Costa Stadium 1946  
SACRAMENTO Sacramento Stadium /
Chas C. Hughes Stadium
1946-1949, 1964
SAN DIEGO Navy Field 1932-1935 1936
SAN DIEGO Balboa Stadium 1946 1945
SAN FRANCISCO Kezar Stadium 1933, 1935-36 1934
SAN FRANCISCO ** Cow Palace 1951  
SAN JOSE Alviso Speedway, Alviso 1934  
SANTA ANA Santa Ana Stadium Bowl  1933-1934 1932
SANTA BARBARA Pershing Park 1933  
SANTA MONICA Santa Monica Municipal Stadium 1946-1947 1936
STOCKTON Baxter Stadium (Univeristy of the Pacific) 1933, 1935-1936 1934
STOCKTON "99" Stadium 1947   
VISALIA Recreation Park 1933  
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