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Oroville Speedway

4570 Larkin Road, Oroville, California


April 2017: Well, we haven't gave up yet! I am working with the owner of Sac. Raceway to have the rest of the season races there, but he has an handicap fines and issues we are having to fix first for just the circle track area only ,then when we get the issues up to par and inspected and every thing is ok we then will pick up were we left off on this season's scheduled! Keep fingers crossed because it will be 1/4 mile track too. We are optimistic but it might not be until mid season? It's $50,000 in remodeling work we are working on then it will be an more permanent venue for the future and that's why we decided to go with this option, thanks for everyone's great support and patience!! It will be worth it in the end!! Ray Holt

Editors Note: This turned out to be just a dream that never turned into reality. Maybe somewhere else, we will see. All the information below was just dreaming... Oh well.

February 2017. Ray Holt is in the process of starting Speedway and Flat Track racing at this location in Oroville, CA

We will keep you up to date as things move forward. You can check his Facebook page also.

"We plan on having open practice as soon as hopefully the end of February or beginning of March."

Editor Note: March 13, 2017 - At the present time the ground is so soaked from all the rains in Northern California, the deep ground might not dry out for months. So at the present time it is hard to say if and when speedway racing might commence at Oroville. Please contact Ray Holt on his Facebook page.

Oroville Speedway 2017 Schedule

Oroville Speedway 2017 Schedule

Results List:

Apr 8 - Season Opener - Speedway
Apr 9 - Season Opener - Speedway
May 7 - Speedway
May 20 - Speedway
May 21 - Speedway
May 27 - Speedway
May 28 - Speedway
Jul 1 - Speedway
Jul 8 - Speedway
Jul 9 - Speedway
Jul 15 - Speedway
Jul 16 - Speedway
Aug 5 - Speedway
Sep 2 - Speedway
Sep 3 - Speedway
Sep 16 - Speedway
Sep 17 - Speedway - High Point Awards

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