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Perris Raceway, 5pm race start time, 2pm gates
$15 gate fee all riders, mechanics, spectators. Riders Pay Additional $25 inside.
Professional / Amateur / Clubman races. AMA sanctioned

Dec 6 - Winter Series 1

Dec 27 - Practice

Jan 10 - AMA Winter Classic

Jan 24 - Winter Series 2

Mar 14 - Winter Series 3

April 11 - Handicap and Scratch Racing - Start Time 6pm.

May 9 - Team Cup (Speedway World Cup format) - Start Time 6pm.

Aug 1 - 'Fast Eddie' Castro Testimonial - Start Time 6pm.

Dec 5 - Winter League Series 1

4 Teams, 2 15 heat British League Matches per event! Round Robin Series, all 500cc Divisions compete in team series.

Also races for 250 Junior, 150 Mini, and Pee Wee's

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March 22 - Perris Raceway - Team Racing

April 12 - Perris Raceway - Best Pairs

Races will be held in the daytime with a 1pm start.

The events are a joint venture between Elite Speedway Promotions (Steve Evans / Chris Ackerman) and Perris Raceway.

Perris Raceway 2014-2015 Winter Schedule Update

The first Perris Raceway Winter series race is just 6 weeks away. The schedule as of now is below (note March date, due to a schedule conflict, has changed)

Dec 6
Jan 24
March 21

All races start at 5pm, gates open around 2.

As previously posted, if enough riders are willing to commit to all dates, I am considering running this, for the 500cc riders, as a team racing league.

The league would work as follows; 28 riders needed, to be divided between four 7 rider teams. Each event has two 15 heat British style team races for the 500's. Your team will race a different opposing team at each event and after the last round, the team with most league points, after each team has raced every other team, are the champions. Trophies and awards for league champions!

There will also be races for 250 Junior, 150 Mini, and Pee Wee's and possibly 500's beyond the team program that will ride during various breaks in the program.

At this stage we are interested in sign ups from riders who want to do all 3 events and are committed to the league concept. Note, if you have interest but will miss a race due to genuine reason (Broc Nicol in Australia, for example), you can still sign up for the other events and we will try to find someone you can share a team place who also cannot do the full schedule.

Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 can ride the team races - the new 2014 Elite League race format is perfect, as it will keep riders racing within division so no Division 1 vs Division 3 heats.

Like I said, the purpose of initial sign ups is to gauge interest in running a full on league - if its is not sufficient, the race dates as scheduled will go ahead, just that we will run a variety of race formats including teams and others.

Regardless, we already know of 4 new 500cc riders who will do these races, graduated from 250s, so there will be much interest as our next generation moves up!

As per last year, these are AMA Clubman races - all attendees, riders, mechanics, fans, pay $15 gate fee and riders pay an additional $25 once inside. These are winter races, aimed at the young rider who wants bigger track experience and anyone else who wants some fun, so more for fun and education, no purse is planned.

So, if you want to do team league racing, send me an e-mail, text or Facebook message. In 2 weeks I'll gauge interest and give you a final word on this. I'd love to do this but it needs sufficient support but either way it will be a blast because that's how we roll.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (October 21, 2014)

Perris Raceway Winter Schedule and 2015 Spring Touring Team Tour Press Release

April 2015 will see the return to Europe for the USA Touring Team, in what will be the 10th Anniversary of the original ground breaking and pioneering Tour of 2005, and the 10th actual tour. The work that developed from this project is the foundation of much progress since, including aspects of the National Team's resurgence in the Speedway World Cup (SWC), riders breaking into the British League, and improved riders for the domestic program.

More details will be announced at a later date, but the tentative plans include an intense 17 day trip that will for the first time take in races in two of speedway's biggest countries, Britain & Sweden. For week 1 the plans are to include 4 events in the UK at National League level. Week two will see the team travel to Sweden to race a 2 day, 12 team tournament in Vetlanda. The Vetlanda event uses the SWC 4 team race format and each day there are three 20 heat events. The Dream Team will be one of the 12 taking part. The current crop of new young first division riders will be invited as the nucleus of the squad, though any rider may apply.

As a prelude the tour, there will be several pre tour 'Test Matches' in the off season at Perris Raceway. The Test Matches are designed to give prospective tour riders experience on a track similar to a European one, as well as well as familiarizing them with European racing formats. At this stage we have 3 dates tentatively scheduled, it is possible a 4th may be added.

Saturday December 6, 2014
Saturday January 24, 2014
Saturday March 7, 2015

The race formats for these events at this stage will likely be varied – we are provisionally looking at 1 using the British League Team Format, 1 using the SWC 4 team format, and one Best Pairs. I have kicked around the idea of running a 4 team 'mini league' as was done at Victorville back in 2005, but for that we would need riders committed to do all events and we would need to add a 4th for Play Off Final. The current Elite League format would allow riders of all divisions to be involved as races in the EL essentially are grouped by Divisions. A mini league would have 4 seven man teams and the opposition would change at each event on a round robin basis.

The Perris events will be AMA sanctioned and are off season Clubman races. Any 250cc riders who are stepping up to 500cc for the 2015 season are welcome to use these races to get their first adult laps, as Broc Nicol and Dalton Leedy did last year. The events have a provisional start time of 5pm. Note the Perris events will run races for all divisions and whilst slanted for the younger rider, EVERYONE of any age is welcome to join in and ride. All Divisions including 250cc Junior, 150cc Mini and Pee Wee can sign up.

As for the tour itself, riders are encouraged to get in touch to register interest. Final selection for tour spots will be made early in 2015. Rider packs will be made available in early October with full estimated turn-key budgets including flights, bike rental or shipping, and accommodations.

After essentially a 3 year break in touring, the emergence of several young riders and the USA's Success in the SWC, along with the necessity to strengthen the squad for the long term has made it the right time to reintroduce the project. It is still 8 months away but now is a good time to start planning.

For enquiries on the tour and / or The Perris events, please contact dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (Aug 19, 2014)

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