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Nov 19 - Gates will open earlier at 1pm. From 3pm-4pm we will run a practice session so riders who were not at the test session can spin some laps to be ready for races at 5pm!

Spectator Gates open: 4:00pm Racing starts: 5:00pm - $15 Adults • $10 Youth (6-12 years) • Free children 5 & under

Nov 19 – Turkey Classic Season Opener

Dec 10 – Team Racing Round 1 + Christmas Party / Toy Drive (Participant Gates open at 2pm)

Jan 14 – RAINED OUT - Winter Olympique (Participant Gates open at 2pm)

Feb 4 – Team Racing Round 2 (Participant Gates open at 2pm)

Mar 18 – Team Racing Finals (Participant Gates open at 2pm)

Apr 22 – AMA National Championship Series Qualifier (Participant Gates open at 2pm)

Approved insert for the King muffler

2016-2017 Perris Speedway Supplementary Rules

Each 500 and 250cc rider will be required to use a muffler tip / insert. They will retail around $40 and can be bought directly form Rick Richards. We will have the for sale at our opening race or you can contact Rick ahead to get one sooner. Sidecars already have muffler rules at the track. 150 and PW do not require any modification at this point.

The inserts fit the King muffler. If you are running something else, Rick can tailor one for your muffler but plan ahead and contact him, with a picture of your muffler– YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RIDE OR RACE ON THE TRACK WITHOUT AN APPROVED INSERT, NO EXCEPTIONS. For simplicity sake, if you have a King, it may be best to use that at least for the first events.

Only the Rick Richards insert is approved at this point, no others. Other manufacturers who wish to provide an insert should get in touch with the promotion so we can conduct sound testing. Any future approved insert needs to be on sale generally and made available for all.

Race #1 is Saturday November 19, the Turkey Classic. This is individual competition for all divisions – D1, D2, D3, Uprights (new Class), 250 Junior, 150 Mini, Pee Wee, Super Pee Wee and Sidecar. SIGN UPS ARE OPEN, please contact me direct to get on the program.

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Aug 1 - 'Fast' Eddie Castro Testimonial

Nov 21 - TURKEY CLASSIC – Old Skool Handicap and Scratch Racing

Dec 5 – Winter League Team Racing Round 1

Jan 16 – WINTER OLYMPIQUE – 'Earned Handicap' Championship Racing

Feb 6 – Winter League Team Racing Round 2

Mar 19 – Winter League Team Racing Finals

Apr 16Nick Varner Spring Classic - Old Skool Handicap and Scratch Racing

Apr 30 – AMA Speedway National Championship Series - Qualifying Race- Start Time 6pm

All Divisions (500cc, 250, 150, PW50 and Sidecars) welcome at ALL events

November - March races start 5pm, August & April events 6pm

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