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TRAC Arena
Pasco, Washington - USA

TRAC Arena -Indoor Event Pasco - Washington State


FIRST EVENT: April 21 - 22, 2000
SECOND EVENT: October 28 - 29, 2000

The track is 180 yards on the pole, 20 feet wide on the straights and 40 feet wide in the corners. $100 tow money for the best 18 Californians who sign up, and over $8000 in prize money each night !!

interior track view Donavon D. Dorsey
Interior track view Donavon D. Dorsey

EVENT REPORT: October 28 - 29, 2000

Flyin' Mike Faria won on Saturday night, and Robert Curry won on Sunday. Mike and Robert tied at 13 points, but Curry had won their head-to-head heat so Robert won on the tie breaker. 3rd was Randy DiFrancesco. 4th Chris Manchester and 5th Mark Adams, 6th was Charles "Dukie" Ermolenko.

On the Class C side, Scooter Vernon of Olympia, WA was 1st, Steve Procinski of Montlake Terrace, WA was 2nd, Tim Ricketts of Salem OR was 3rd, and 4th was Aaron "Hayseed" Weston from Sumner, WA and 5th was Steve Liberty from Post falls, ID.

One rider who rode very well in the handicap portion of the program was Brendon From Missoula, Montana. He was the highest finishing non-Californian. Dukie told me he had completed Dukies school and Brendon Fennessy rode much better today than he did in April. There is an unsolicited testimonial for the Speedway Academy!

Mike Faria - 1999
Mike Faria

The track held up well and was very fast both nights with great racing from all involved. Because the track is so stable we don't have to spend any time on track maintenance. The staff at the Arena usually does a great job of preparing the track but left the deal go down a little for Sunday which caused us to make some minor adjustments to the size and shape but the racing was first class.. I don't have the results from last night at hand but will post them sometime late tomorrow.
- Donavon Dorsey

Racers in the October event:
1. Charles "Dukie" Ermolenko - Cypress, CA
2. "Smokin' Joe" Hovanic - Tigard, OR
3. Ivan Sevart - Colfax, CA
4. "Bronco Billy" Janniro - Vallejo, CA
5. Chris Manchester - Novato, CA
6. Shane Golphenee - Raymond, WA
7. Dave Booth - Antioch, CA
8. "Marvelous Marvin" Sonnier - Rancho Cordova, CA
9. Randy DiFrancesco - Bakersfield, CA
10. Jon Curry - Sacramento, CA
11. Michael Marr Jr. - Milwaukee, OR
12. Mike Colyer - Olympia, WA
13. Mark Adams - Costa Mesa, CA
14. Robert Curry - Rancho Cordova, CA
15. Brendon Fennessy - Missoula, MT
16. Rick Ellis - Hillsboro, OR
Reno Marr - Milwaukee, OR
Michael Hanson - Stevensville, MT

EVENT REPORT: April 21 - 22, 2000

The track is not DG but a kind of funny, rubbery, sandy, clay that stays flat and doesn't chunk up. Racing conditions never got less than very good throughout the entire program.

Friday night was all scratch racing and Robert Curry swept the Speedway part of the event with a perfect 15 for the win. Smokin' Joe Hovanic from Tigard, OR was second and David Booth from Antioch, CA wound up with third. On the Short Track side Eli Price of Olympia, WA was first, Don Wilson from Maple Valley, WA was 2nd and Chris Fitzhugh of Everett, WA was 3rd.

Robert Curry 1998
Robert Curry

On Saturday night we handicapped the riders based on the first night's racing with the 4 highest finishers getting a 30 yard handicap, the next 4 20 and so on. The Class C guys were sure they were not going to be able to race and that there would be no passing but it just wasn't so. There was lots of passing with people going high and low and all over the track to get by the short yardage guys. Many of the Class C riders are AMA National Number riders and all of the rest were top experts so the Class C racing was fast and furious.

As on Friday night, Robert Curry was the class of the Speedway field and never was less than first place coming out the turn two the first lap. Pat Hafey of Olympia, WA used his low yardage handicap to grab second place and third went to Jon Curry in one of his first races with the big kids.

On the Class C side It was also youth night as 16 year old Kurt Hawk from Preston, WA, starting from the 10 yard line, came in first. Second was 14 year old Kyle Ragsdale from Olympia, WA who started with a 20 yard handicap and in a nod to the older generation, long time rider, National Number 55 from Renton, WA, Troy Rose finished third.

While the racing was first class from the top to the bottom of the program, the most exciting race of the evening was a match race between Robert Curry and long time expert Eric Rickman of Puyallup, WA on a Rotax. They started on the scratch line and Curry got the hole shot and led into turn one. Then he bobbled coming out of turn 2 and got up against the fence and Rickman got past and into the lead.Curry went wide open and spent the next two laps trying first the inside and then the outside looking for a way around the Rotax.With a final charge in the last turn putting him even, the Jawa pulled the Rotax down the straight and Curry finished first by inches. It may have been the most exciting race I have ever seen in 40+ years of watching them.

The weekend was complete success with everyone asking when were going to do another one. The answer is ?????????????


F. A. S. T. Racing
P. O. Box 959
Benton City WA 99320-0959
or call (509) 588-4730 9 - 5 PST

The races are April 21 - 22, 2000. That is a Friday and Saturday.

Racing starts at 7:30 pm both nights.

- Donovan Dorsey
My e-mail address is :
Phone: 1-877-88-SHEDS

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