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2014 California Speedway News

2014 Speedway World Cup Team USA News  -  Americans Racing in Europe

Ventura Raceway will host the 2014 AMA National Series 1 on June 28.

2014 AMA Press Release
AMA Speedway Regulations - AMA Letter of Intent - AMA Long Track Regulations

2014 Longtrack - Press Release from The PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) #1
2014 Longtrack - Press Release from The PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) #2
2014 Longtrack - Press Release from The PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) #3
2014 Longtrack - Press Release from The PAS (Perris Auto Speedway) #4

2014 AMA / FIM Junior and Mini Speedway Silver Cup Championship

OK folks....its time to start getting sign ups in for this great event!
The 2014 AMA / FIM Junior and Mini Speedway Silver Cup Championship is just weeks away!
150 Mini Speedway and 250 Junior Speedway riders will battle for the AMA / FIM title.
We are encouraging / asking all National Championship riders from the night before to be there for the kids in support..this is our future!
I will post race schedule later this week.
Races will start at 12:30

Anyone needing a hotel:
Pacific Palms Resort (on site)
One Industry Hills Parkway
City of Industry, CA 91744
626-854-2486 ask for Lizette Castaneda for Expo Center Discount

Comfort Suites
753 Glendora Ave
La Puente, CA 91744

**ask for Expo Center discount

Start letting me know, and spread the word to all Junior / Mini Speedway racers
I also need a good head shot of any participants for the program.
SpeedwayKelly@yahoo.com (July 22, 2014)

Draw Order and Times for AMA Long Track

Draw Order
1. 113 Gabe Price
2. 86 Neil Facchini
3. 145n Jamison Dilkey
4. 14 Eddie Castro
5. 48 Tyson Talkington
6. 27 Austin Novratil
7. 126 Rocco Scopellite
8. 222 Dalton Leedy
9. 39 Buck Blair
10. 66 Jason Ramirez
11. 105 Dan Faria
12. 18 Justin Boyle
13. 5 Max Ruml
14. 124 Colton Duncan
15. 61 PJ Byrne
16. 100 Broc Nicol
17. 321 Russell Green
18. 45n Bryce Starks

Support Class will be Teams - Draw done on day. All entry fees for Support will go into a purse fund divided by winning team.

Back Gate 3-5pm
Front Gate 5pm
Practice 5:15-6pm
Parade 7pm
Races 7:30pm

North VS South Teams

North VS South Teams this Friday night! Auburn, California.

Bart Bast
Ryan Bast
Billy Janniro
Bryce Starks
Tommy Hedden
JT Mabry
Charlie Venegas
Broc Nicol
Max Ruml
Austin Novratil
Mike Faria
Tyson Talkington

Dave Joiner fastfriday@aol.com (July 15, 2014)

AMA National Speedway Series Round 2

The draw has been conducted for AMA National Speedway Series Round 2. Riders who wish to race other divisions need to confirm by Sunday for program.

Round 2 Draw

1. #100 - Broc Nicol
2. #39 - Buck Blair
3. #40 - Tommy Hedden
4. #11 - Bobby Schwartz
5. #87 - Bart Bast
6. #308 - Max Ruml
7. #6 - Shawn McConnell
8. Wildcard 2
9. #14 - Eddie Castro
10. #43 - Charlie Venegas
11. #27 - Austin Novratil
12. #1 - Billy Janniro
13. #48 - Tyson Talkington
14. #321 - Russell Green
15. Wildcard 1
16. #45 - Bryce Starks

Wild Card Qualifying

66 Ramirez
9 Faria
24 Manzares
30 Gomez
55 Henderson
105 Faria
126 Scopellite
61 Byrne
293 Valdez
145n Dilkey

Support Class

163 Davis
222 Leedy
232 Allen
243 McDougal



1 Ruml
10 Geist
12 Becker
22 Ramirez


Malcolm Roe
Dan Waller
Bob Waller
Ken Theobald
Pat Smith


Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (June 19, 2014)

Legends of Speedway

Industry Racing"Legends of Speedway" this Wednesday June 11th.

I am excited and proud to present to you the list of Legends that will be in attendance signing autographs ... with a few more in the works. Spread the word ... lets give these legends the reception they deserve!

Share the post, its such a good time! ... and about a 16 page color program with all their photos!

Thanks, Kelly Inman (June 8, 2014)

Bill Cody
Billy Meister
Bobby Hardison
Bobby Schwartz
Bobby Tocco
Bruce Flanders
Bruce Penhall
Bryce Eikelberger
Dave Galvin
Dave Sims
Dean Foreman
Dean York
Dennis Sigalos
Doug Nicol
Dubb Ferrell
Jan Ballard
Jim Fishback
Keith Chrisco
Larry "Supermouth" Huffman
Mark Cherry
Pam "Pinky" Bennett
Preston Petty
Rick Miller
Rob Morrison
Ryan Evans
Sammy Tanner
Scott Sivadge
Sonny Nutter
Steve Gresham
Steve Lucero
Stu Egli
Terry Ike Clanton
Tommy Burba
Tumbleweed Walton

Gino Manzares to race Ventura!

Team USA World Cup and Ipswich Witches star Gino Manzares is returning home for one night to race AMA National Series Round 2 at Ventura Raceway on June 28th. Manzares has been racing in England full time since March and has put in some impressive performances for the Witches. He also became the first American rider in many years to qualify for the World Under 21 Championship Final, a 3 round Grand Prix series that commences in July in Italy, Poland and Czech Republic. Manzares is further expected to feature once again in the USA World Cup team that begins its 2014 campaign at Kings Lynn, England on July 26th.

It was Ventura last year where Manzares' career took a huge upswing. He placed 2nd on the night and gave winner and eventual series champion Billy Janniro a close run in on the line in the final in the spectacular 1/5 mile European style race track. He then took this form to Perris Auto Speedway a month later where he won the AMA National Long Track title. These results led to a contract offer in the off season to fulfill a life ambition of racing in the British League. Manzares was 3rd overall in the AMA National Speedway Series in 2013 and his homecoming will be a highly anticipated event as he goes to battle with Janniro, fast rising Max Ruml and the top ranked US riders.

Manzares said of his return, "It feels great knowing I'm coming home to race at Ventura, a meeting I wanted to do again this year. And seeing my family is worth it all and more! I am really looking forward to it!"

The AMA National Speedway Series kicks off this Saturday 7th June at 730pm when the world famous Costa Mesa Speedway hosts Round 1. After the Ventura round on June 28th it will be over to the state of the art Industry Racing for Round 3 on August 9th, with round 4 at Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn on September 19th.

The series uses the same race format as the FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series, which decides the World Champion and was very well received by fans and riders in its first season under this system in 2013.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (June 2, 2014)

Ventura and Perris Long Track

Ventura and Perris Long Track Race Info:
Ventura is just 4 weeks away and PAS Long Track 7. Rider Sign Ups are officially OPEN! Here is the race info for both.

Ventura – AMA National Speedway Series Round 2
AMA National Series (Top 14 riders from Round 1)
AMA Series Wild Card Qualifying (Division 1 riders can enter run offs for last 2 spots)
Support Class
Vintage Class
250 Juniors

Gates will open noon. There will be a 1 hour practice 3-4pm. Wild Card Qualifying and Support Heats 5:30pm, AMA Series and Main Events 7pm.
$35 to race, $25 pits. Top 14 from Round 1 have entry waived.

AMA Speedway Long Track National Championship (Up to 18 riders)
Support Class (we will pay a purse if enough entries)
250cc Junior

Gates will open 330pm. Practice from 5-6pm, Races 7:30pm.
$35 to race, $25 pits (All Divisions)

The Long Track National is a one night championship for an AMA #1 plate. This is not part of the AMA Series so riders outside of 'seeded 14' for Series are very very welcome and likely we will not have to run qualifying heats. Note for Ventura the top the 14 after this round in AMA Series are seeded in for Round 3. So, if you did not get on for Costa Mesa, enter the qualifiers, get in, score some points and mark your turf!

Riders signed up so far for both events

Ventura sign ups
(outside of AMA Series seeded riders)
48 Tyson Talkington
55 Travis Henderson
126 Rocco Scopellite
145 Jamison Dilkey
232 Jeramiah Allen
243 Sean McDougall
244 Lewis Hughes
Long Track Entries
Buck Blair
Tim Gomez
Broc Nicol
Max Ruml
Tyson Talkington
Austin Novratil
Rocco Scopellite
Eddie Castro
Jason Ramirez
Travis Henderson
Jamison Dilkey

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (May 30, 2014)

AMA Series Round 1

Draw for AMA Series Round 1 at Costa Mesa. Promotion has chosen to nominate its wild card versus a run off.

1. Max Ruml
2. Bart Bast
3. Tommy Hedden
4. Charlie Venegas
5. Bobby Schwartz
6. Buck Blair
7. Shawn McConnell
8. Tyson Burmeister
9. Austin Novratil
10. Russell Green
11. Mike Faria
12. Bryce Starks
13. Broc Nicol
14. Jason Ramirez
15. Billy Janniro
16. Eddie Castro
Reserve: Tyson Talkington
Reserve: TBC
Reserve: TBC

Supplementary Regulations are here: http://www.speedwaybikes.com/AMA/2014AMA-SpeedwaySeriesSR-1.pdf

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (May 29, 2014)

Pirate Speedway Team Race

Pirate Speedway Team Race on Friday 16th May.

I wanted to let you all know that my staff and I will be assisting the Pirate Speedway Promotion a week from Friday in staging a night of British Style Team Racing for the First Division part of their weekly race program.

Shawn, Robynn, Roger and Jerry have been very good to let us use their track the last three off seasons for winter team races. These races have been a lot of fun and helped Team USA to begin to develop our future World Cup stars under team racing conditions. As a thank you, myself, Chris Ackerman and experienced team managers Steve Graham and Peter Davenport will be assisting showcasing team racing at a much higher level than we ever have. D1 will pay its normal purse for this part of the show based on the points each rider scores.
The other divisions will race as usual in individual competition but the D1 part of the program will run using the British League race format – 2 teams, 15 heats, 1 winner!

All of the unique thrills of team racing will make this a night not to miss – watch as riders look out for their team mate and race in formation to score maximum points. Teams will wear race bibs and the top riders from each will be nominated by their team managers for the final race of the evening, which could well decide which team is the victor. Teams who fall behind can nominate a rider for a tactical double points joker to get points back!

We will decide how the riders are divided into teams once sign ups close – It might be the 'Veterans' Vs 'Young Hot Shots' but we'll work out the format when we know the riders we have. Please only sign up if you are going to attend – team racing works best this way.

The season so far has produced some great entertainment at Pirate and the likes of Max Ruml and Broc Nicol love this kind of racing. It will blow you away.

Signs ups for this should be done in the usual ways through the promotion and its designated staff. There are only 14 team spots available and the promotion has the final say on who gets these. I would be happy for forward any interest along to Shawn and Robynn. Be sure to sign up early, these races are very popular.

If the team racing concept is not familiar to you, don't worry – just come along and enjoy the races as usual at 8pm on Friday 16th.
Again, this is not my promoted race, we will simply be on hand as needed but the promotion and its regular race crew will run the show on the night. The team race will be a novel and different race format for many – be sure to attend! This is how 90% of speedway races run in Europe!

This Friday the 9th of course is Harley Night, be sure to attend for that, and Costa Mesa on Sat!

More info at www.piratespeedway.com

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (May 7, 2014)

Bobby 'Boogaloo' Schwartz to be Ventura Grand Marshall!

USA Speedway Legend and former World Champion Bobby Schwartz will return to his local roots as the 2014 Grand Marshall at Round 2 of the AMA National Speedway Series on June 28th at Ventura Raceway.

Schwartz, who at age 57 still competes and wins main events, is embarking on his 41st season of racing this year. His list of titles is too long to fully name out, but they include 3 World Championships (Pairs 1981/82 and Team 1982), 2 National Titles and 2 State titles. His achievements also include being Captain of the USA Test match in the glory years if the 1980s which set standards that many, including the rising the new generation of youngsters can only hope to emulate. He was unbeaten as USA won its first ever World Cup in 1982.

For me personally, Bobby Schwartz was a superstar in the great days of British League racing. He and '82 World Pairs team mate Dennis Sigalos were the class of the field in the first speedway meeting I went to in 1984, and his last full year in England he was the captain of my hometown Wolverhampton Wolves in 1985. When I moved to America in 1998 it was great to see him win on the small tracks. My late father, on his visits to California loved seeing Bobby win the LCQ and then Main event more than once on our trips to Costa Mesa. And my mom always got an autograph after!

It will be a pleasure to have him as Grand Marshall on a track he has ridden many times and it will be a great chance to salute an incredible rider and ambassador of American Speedway.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (May 7, 2014)

BIGTIME Speedway Practice

This coming Saturday, May 3rd, BIGTIME Speedway is having a weekend of open practice and speedway school at Prairie City SVRA.

4 time US National Champion Billy Janniro will be conducting school Saturday from 9am to 12:30. If you want to improve your abilities and results immediately this school is for you. Cost is $250.00.

We will be having pre series sign ups from 2 to 4pm. Open/organized practice for all series participants on a prepared track surface (Quads mowers, karts, speedway and juniors, peewee's, etc.) from 4PM to 8PM.

There will be additional practice on Sunday from 11AM to 4PM as well.

Practice cost is $25.00 per day. See you all there.

Steve Elstins racesteve5150@yahoo.com (Updated April 28, 2014)

Golden State Speedway Series

May 10, July 26, August 16, September 13, October 4

Pro's 4 heats, Amateur's 3 heats. Racer with most points in class win's the Round.

1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points. 4th – 1 point. per heat. All 4th place and further earn 1 point. 5th round is a DOUBLE POINTS meeting. Any tie for CHAMPIONSHIP will be decided by a race off/sudden death finish in 1 heat, winner taking all at round 5 if needed.

Starting and Qualifying
All motorcycle classes are 4 lap heats. All 4 wheel classes are 6 lap heats. Karts and mowers will use a rolling start. All other classes will use starting tapes (speedway style). All starting positions determined by draw (numbered) ping pong balls drawn by rider.

Any and all 1st division speedway riders are eligible to participate, however current champions or past (last 5 years) will be considered non comp. Meaning they can take points and money but are excluded from placing in this championship series.

This series is open for anyone currently NOT a 1st Division Speedway Champion. All other division or class champions are eligible to compete. The winner from the Billy Janniro adult mini challenge is seeded into the next round with their entry COMPED. The winner from the Billy J. challenge also earns $100.00.

Steve Elstins racesteve5150@yahoo.com (Updated April 28, 2014)

Ventura AMA US Nationals

The Ventura AMA Round is just 10 weeks on Sat - June 28th. We aim to make it even better this year!

Riders who want to sign up may contact me early again. We will be running the following Classes;

1. AMA Series Round
2. Wild card run off for last two spots in round
3. Support
4. Vintage
5. 250cc Junior

There will a practice session around 3pm but just 1 hour this time as last year we needed extended session due to first race in 13 years. Qualifying at 530, Main show 7.

Riders who wish to do full series need to fill out an AMA Letter of Intent. myself or any other promoter of individual rounds can supply. They can be sent back to AMA via fax, mail or email. If you need one please email me and I will send on.

The AMA themselves will release full series details and supplementary regulations shortly.

Note also the 1 night AMA Long Track National is 3 weeks later, July 19 at PAS. I am also taking advance bookings but those who have signed up via LOI are already noted.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (April 15, 2014)

Pirate Speedway

OK everyone ..... it's that time. Opening night is exactly one week away! Time for rider sign ups!!! We need a lot of support this year so sign up ASAP and bring your friends! Lets put on a GREAT show and fill the stands!!!! Look forward to seeing EVERYONE Friday April 18th.

Sign up by Monday 7pm, and please make sure you have your paperwork done.

Sign up through email dogynn@aol.com, office (714) 255-0088, or the Pirate Speedway Facebook site. Thank you

Shawn McConnell - dogynn@aol.com (April 11, 2014)

Saturday Night Speedway this weekend at Perris Raceway

As a reminder for all competitors and fans, this Saturdays race at Perris Raceway will have a 6pm start time. Last nights event was successful but at this time of year a daytime race is going to create a dusty, slick track and a slow moving program. Night time races will more approximate Europe and it will be good to see these young chargers haul it under lights!

Gates open at 3pm and riders need to be signed in by 515pm latest as the program will be modified at 520 based on arrivals and no shows.

We have room for riders in all divisions and a few more additions would be ideal.

We have enough as it stands to run Pairs in the Division 1 and Support Classes. Need 1 more 250 and 3 more in 150. Otherwise these Divisions will run individual. Need more Pee Wee's too.

Note anyone needing press credentials should contact myself ahead. I have to clear any comped passes with the landlord so don't assume you are on any list based off of past events I have promoted elsewhere.

If you can, please come along and lend your support. The first event worked out well but the issue over the years at Perris has been keeping that going. What is being built here is a long term off season training facility which can stage races if the turn out is viable for the landlord, the Southern California Flat Track Association. There are ideas being kicked around for a few races next off season to be held between November and March but Saturday's support both rider and crowd wise will determine how many events will be workable.

Thanks to all who have signed up and those who supported event 1. These events are for our future SWC and National Champions to learn bigger track speedway and anyone who wants to have some fun. If you have a minute, help us spread the word and come out Saturday if you can!

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (April 7, 2014)

Americans Racing in Europe for 2014

We have a new column to go along with the Team USA page now. It is Americans Racing in Europe and it will give information about the riders who are currently in Europe, when and where they will race and TV coverage if available. This will be updated monthly and as accurate as we can make it. Spearheading this effort is Steve Graham, long time speedway supporter... Thanks Steve !!!!


Perris Raceway and Elite Speedway Promotions will co-promote 2 events this spring aimed at giving vital big track time to the growing army of Youth and Under 21 Speedway Riders in the USA.

The races will be staged at Perris Raceway, which has not staged a Speedway Event in almost two years. The venue has however been the home of Team USA off season training camps for the past three years. The Perris track measures like a small European track and the competitive races will give priceless track time for those riders who want to follow the likes of Greg Hancock, Ryan Fisher and Ricky Wells into Europe and the SWC team in the future. They will also prove as training races for riders who wish to go to Europe with the American Touring Team in spring 2015 for its 10th Anniversary Tour.

The races are not just open to young riders but any rider of any Division. They will be sanctioned by the AMA whom have been extremely active in the USA Speedway World Cup renaissance. The events will be on Saturday March 22nd and April 12th with a 1pm start time, gates opening at 10am.

Due to the nature of Perris Raceway, pricing and logistics will be based on its Flat Track Program. All people entering the facility aside from staff with pay a $15 gate fee (under 5 free). Riders will then go to a sign up table and pay an additional $25 entrance fee. Mechanics do not pay in addition to the gate fee and the pits are open to all. Food and non alcoholic beverages will be sold on site.

Riders will also need a valid AMA Membership and can go online to www.americanmotorcyclist.com to sign up or renew as needed, or take out a $20 day membership. The annual membership is the recommended option as this will also cover all Perris Raceway events, Ventura, PAS, Youth Silver Cup, Fast Fridays, Youth and Under 21 Nationals and any other AMA events that get announced or added. No track membership is required.

The events are off season Clubman Events aimed for those who want track time and development. There are no rider purses and a lot has been sacrificed organizationally and by the track owners to make these races happen. They are part of a long term vision for the growth of our sport.

The race formats for both events will take a slant towards Europe. March 22nd will see a 15 heat team race for the Division 1 / Upper Division 2 riders, along with regular heats for Support, 250 Junior, 150 Mini and Pee Wee. April 12th will have a Best Pairs Program.

We will need volunteers to help us with logistics such as flagging, sign ups, scoring etc. and you can let me know if you would like to help.

This is a grass roots effort which if successful should give 4-6 off season per year long term. It can only succeed with rider and fan support so please attend if you can.

To sign up or for more details call (310) 309-9418 or email dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Steve Evans (February 28, 2014)

Update: Ventura Raceway scheduled for Saturday March 1st - CANCELLED RAIN

Due to the heavy rain due this weekend Saturday's event at Ventura is OFF. It will not be restaged, next bike event there is AMA National Series June 28th.

Next SoCal Speedway Event is Perris Raceway, Saturday 22 March 1pm, information soon to follow. (February 26, 2014)

We are aware that there is currently rain forecast. Having checked in with Jim Naylor, a decision will made Wednesday on whether we can go ahead. I will let you know when I know.

Assuming its does go ahead, here is some vital information:
Pit gates open noon
Riders meeting 2:30pm
Practice 3pm
Races from 5:30pm
3 races per Division, 4 for Division 1.
$35 entry, $25 pits

It is an amateur Clubman event on the back of Flat Track. Note track owner will lay out DG just for speedway.

We want to build something here step by step. (February 25, 2014)

Having liaised with the event promoter (this is a Flat Track race with speedway classes invited), I have the following information:

  1. This is not a purse event - it should be viewed as 'advanced practice' or a Clubman race.
       Depending on its success they may offer a purse at later events in the year.
       (June 28th is my own co-promoted Speedway event so that will pay a purse)
  2. Entry fees are $35, mechanics $25.
  3. There will be practice for all riders.
  4. Four classes will offered - Division 1, Support, Vintage and 250 Junior.
  5. There are 3 races per rider, 3-4 for Division 1.
  6. There will be a starting gate.

Entries close next Wednesday (February 26) at noon.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (February 17, 2014)

Speedway returns to Perris Raceway

Speedway will return to Perris Raceway (Flat Track at Moto C park) with two races scheduled this Spring on Saturday March 22nd, with a 2nd date provisionally scheduled on April 12th pending enough support for the first date. Races will be held in the daytime with a 1pm start.

The events are a joint venture between Elite Speedway Promotions (Steve Evans / Chris Ackerman) and Perris Raceway.

It is hoped these two races are the catalyst to a regular Winter Series of 4-6 races per off season. They will be Clubman / Amateur Events aimed at the growing pool of Youth and Under 21 riders on 500cc bikes, though anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up. There are no plans to run races during the main May-September season.

Perris Raceway has been the unofficial training ground for Team USA since the 2012 World Cup campaign began. Billy Hamill trained intensively there with Greg Hancock for the 2012 SWC comeback campaign and it has progressed into mini off season training camps for squad members more recently.

The track is vital for rider development, being the size of a small British venue. For all of our young riders who harbor ambition of GPs, SWC, British League or being the US National Champion, racing on such a track is quite a milestone in their development. Also the American Touring Team is planning a big 10th anniversary tour in Spring 2015 and riders who wish to be considered would do well by riding such a track as much as possible. Rider interest and club interest in the UK for the tour is already huge!

Such events continuing depend solely and only on rider support – the overhead for such winter races is quite large and the best way to keep it is to support it. Sponsors are welcome though we aren't formally selling heats, but anyone wishing to partner up is appreciated.

Perris Raceway are thanked for sharing this vision with us. It is a much needed missing piece in the Team USA future production line. I can't wait till March 22nd and to see the youngsters and oldsters alike duke it out at Perris!

Race formats for these events will be announced later. Also remember Ventura is putting on full speedway classes on March 1st which is the last chance to race it ahead of the AMA Series Round on June 28th.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (January 12, 2014)

2014 Aaron Fox Golf Tournament

2014 Speedway World Cup - Team USA

Huge thanks to Mike Phipps who came out to Perris about 10 days back where 8 Team USA potential squad members partook in a practice and training session.

Video interviews about the 2014 season, SWC and future SWC goals of some of our younger riders are here - they are quite inspiring and a good listen. Greg Hancock, Billy Hamill, Ricky Wells, Gino Manzares, Aaron Fox, Rocco Scopellite and Broc Nicol feature. Also a very nice media release is there.

Enjoy and thanks again to Mike for a stellar production!


Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (January 12, 2014)

Pirate Speedway Practice

Pirate Speedway will be "ATTEMPTING" to have a practice this Sunday, February 16th, 10:00-3:00, $35.00 for each rider.

No charge spectators, mechanics etc.

• Some construction issues will be the determinant as to if the practice will happen. We will have a confirmed answer by Friday night/Saturday morning.
• PLEASE be sure to check Facebook, speedway message board, or call the office phone (714) 255-0088 to confirm before driving out to the track.
• We are unsure of any future practices so please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.
• This is the best we can do at this time.
-Thank you for supporting Pirate Speedway

Shawn McConnell dogynn@aol.com

Ventura Raceway Saturday March 1st - 2014 Season Opener

Speedway Bikes will be back at Ventura on Saturday March 1st as part of the 2014 Season Opener. Flat Track cycles have featured at the tracks motor cycle events for the past few years - plans are to streamline the classes and add a Clubman Speedway Program for the season opener which if well supported, will also lead to Speedway classes being run on August 30 and October 4th events. The showpiece AMA Series Round will be held as previously announced on June 28th.

The plans for March 1st will be to run these classes;
- Team Race (top 14 riders signed up, D1 and 2)
- Support Class
- 250cc Junior
- Vintage Class

4 riders minimum needed to make a class. Races start 5:30pm and all riders can practice around 3pm. The track will have DG similar to the AMA Round.

Entry fees will be confirmed after weekend but likely in line with most events I'm involved with. At this stage the races are planned as out of season Clubman events, though the track will let me know in due course if any purse will be offered.

Ventura is keen to run more speedway events but is taking a steady approach so support for such a race like this will be a good yardstick.

Sign ups open, 1st come 1st served and there will be a limit on spots due to combined program. More info next week.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (January 8, 2014)

British Style Team Racing at Pirate Speedway January 11th

I just got word that we can restage the washed out team race from earlier this month at Pirate Speedway, Saturday January 11th.

British Style Team Racing - Start Time is at Noon

$35 to race, $25 pits, $10 for stands. Amateur races, for fun, all Divisions welcome!

Text me at (310) 309-9418 to sign up!

All Divisions - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Youth 250, 150 Mini, Pee Wee's are all welcome!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (December 23, 2013)


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