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2017 Big Time Speedway

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Industry Racing

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By Tim Kennedy

INDUSTRY PIT NOTES (June 14, 2017) There were 14 D-1, ten D-2 and eight D-3 500cc riders, plus three 250cc, seven 150cc and three 50cc pee-wees. ... Luke Whitcomb, 11, returned to racing this week and won a heat. He said he did not stay overnight at an Anaheim hospital after leaving Industry early last week because of stomach pain. His dad Wade “the Rev” raced his 500cc bike in D-3 this week.

Attendees this week included USAC-CRA 410 sprint car driver Brody Roa and his father, former driver Brett Roa. AMA 1960s-70s flat track star Sammy Tanner, now 78 spoke to them. Sammy is an active Arai helmet dealer in the Inland Empire. The Roa team just returned from two successful USAC National Sprint Car races (June 2-3) in the Midwest. They will return for USAC's Indiana Sprint Week, seven races at seven speedways from July 7-15.

The Army-brown and pink lettered No. 21 sidecar raced by the two Heathers had Sidecars USA (Facebook) and Demented Designs OC, plus “the Heathers” lettered on the sidecar. There were three different sidecar 1,000cc engines in use. The Heathers No. 21 was powered by a 1996 Kawasaki police motorcycle engine that came from a funeral escort motorcycle in Arizona. Other sidecar engines were: Yamaha R1s in Nos. 1 and 4, and Suzuki engines in the No. 44, 64, 1965, and 13 (that will be changed to No. 11 soon).
Dave German, 30, competed June 14 for the final time as a swinger. The Lake Forest (Orange County) resident and his wife Sarah are expecting their first child on September 26 so he decided to retire from racing. He went out in style by leading every lap in both heats and the main event with driver Joe Jones. His replacement in the No. 1 rig will be Tom Summers, who was hurt seriously in a sidecar crash at Ventura last season. Tom returned and raced June 7 at Industry with driver Jones and they also won. Tom was in the pits June 14 helping the Jones/German team. Sidecars will race next at Fast Fridays Speedway in Auburn.

Industry PA announcer Bruce Flanders was absent June 14 from the announcing booth above start/finish and next to the two scorers. Ike Clanton, the long-time Costa Mesa Speedway announcer, subbed for Bruce on the mic. Bruce has seldom if ever missed announcing at Industry since speedway bikes debuted at The Grand Arena in 2003.

Clanton interviewed June 7 Industry D-1 winner Max Ruml in the announcing booth. Max said he started racing motocross at age 4. He began racing speedway bikes in 2009. He credited Billy Hamill for being his early mentor. Max revealed his initial big victory as a Junior was the first Monster Energy Invitational at Industry (12/29/2012). Despite living in Huntington Beach, Max said he never got into surfing much although he and friend Austin Novratil and brother Dillon went to the beach. He said they all help each other at the track. “My full-time job now and working on bikes keep me busy.”
Max said talented young speedway riders Seb Palmese, Colton Hicks, Luke Whitcomb and Slater Lightcap are future 500cc stars. Ike asked him about his plans to race in Europe. Max answered, “It is a long-term goal, but learning the trade here in the US is the most important thing to me now.” Max said he is still learning from established speedway veterans such as Bobby Schwartz, Charlie Venegas, Shawn McConnell, and Billy Janniro.”

INDUSTRY PIT NOTES (June 7, 2017) The Hicks team--father Bob (500cc D-1 No. 808) and son Colton (No. 24n)--towed south from their home in Auburn for the second week in a row. Carson said his 250cc bike is a hybrid—Stuha front-end, Jawa frame, and GM engine. Carson and his So Cal-based 250cc rival Sebastian Palmese will race this summer in Europe. They will travel together to Czechoslovakia to race in the August 250cc World Championship. They will lease GM engines and fellow Californian Greg Hancock, the four-time Speedway World Champion, will provide Stuha bikes for both Seb and Carson to race.

Broc Nicol, from Lomita, will fly American Airlines to Europe on Sunday, June 18 after racing at Ventura Saturday, June 17 in the first round qualifier for the US Speedway National Championship. He will return to Cali for the second round US National qualifier at Santa Maria Speedway. His sponsors include NHRA team owner Don Schumacher and Race Pro among others. He was interviewed at Industry Wednesday by PA announcer Bruce Flanders and said, “I love this (Industry) track.” He added that his motto is, “Work hard, don't give up, and give it your all.”

Hayley Perrault, a past Junior 250cc main event winner and current 500cc D-2 rider, is another of the So Cal speedway riders planning to race in Europe. She will be going to Great Britain for a racing vacation later this summer. The 19-year old college student in Orange County holds her own against male riders in her division.

“Lightning” Luke Whitcomb, 11, from Anaheim raced his No. 27 mini 150cc to third place in a five-rider heat race at Industry June 7. He scratched from his second heat and main event. Why? He felt sick to his stomach. His mother drove him to Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim to check for possible food poisoning. His father Wade and one year younger brother Mark (who looks like Luke) loaded his 150cc bike onto their truck and followed later.

Blond Gordon Teuber III, of Rancho Palos Verdes, was a first-time 150cc rider on June 7 at Industry. He kept it upright and finished on the lead lap in all three of his races. He turned 11 three days after his speedway debut. He raced one time at Industry as a 50cc pee-wee on July 16, 2014 and then shifted his attention to racing motocross at Perris Raceway and the Mammoth Lake track.

Joe Jones' sidecar was all white this week instead of his usual patriotic red, white and blue self-built rig. He said he left that rig in Australia on loan. He did not build any new sidecars this winter. The all-white rig he drove June 7 was built in England and was sold to a buyer in Canada, where there is no sidecar racing. Joe bought it from the Canadian owner. He plans to race it this season and promised to have it painted suitably soon. Sidecars are on the Industry June 14 schedule as are all other divisions that raced June 7.

Bryan Motis said he had to relinquish his sidecar number (No. 2) because number 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for the top three finishers in the sidecar national. He said he returned his long-time former number (No. 4) and repainted his rig attractively with a large 4 displayed prominently.

Team USA Speedway World Cup Members

Congratulations to all!
Ricky Wells
Luke Becker
Gino Manzares
Broc Nicol
Dillon Ruml
Aaron Fox
Scott Campos

Industry Racing

There has been some recent changes for 2017 for riders, mechanics, and media for the back gate entrance

- PLEASE all riders / mechanics enter through back pit gate, no vehicles through arena spectator area.
- Pits do not open until 4
- Spectator / food area not open until 6
- Have your AMA and Industry cards ready at sign up, you can purchase or renew at the track, although online will be easier.
- Pit sweep is at 630
- Pit gate from parking lot will be CLOSED AND LOCKED after sign ups are done, no in and out to back parking lot anymore.


Big Time Speedway

Big Time Speedway

Costa Mesa 2017 Schedule

May 13th – Speedway Spring Classic / Jack Milne Cup / Sidecars / Juniors
June 3rd – Harley Night #1 / Speedway / Sidecars
June 10th – Knobby Night / Speedway / Juniors
June 22nd - (Thursday) - Harley Davidson presents the Born-Free Stampede, featuring Vintage and Hooligan racing.
July 14th - Freestyle Motocross Invitational / Sidecars
July 15th - Fair Derby / Sidecars
August 19th - Harley Night #2 / Speedway / Sidecars
Sept 9th - Roland Sands / Indian Motorcycles Super Hooligan National Championship Series
Sept 23rd – John Matherson Cup / Speedway / Sidecars / Juniors
Sept 30th - 49th U.S. National Speedway Championship / Juniors
Oct 7th – Harley Night Finals / Sidecar National!

Ticket Prices:
Adults $20.00 18+
Jr/Sr $15.00 (13-17) 65+
Child $10.00 (3-12)

Gates open at 6pm - First race blasts off at 7:30pm sharp

P.O. Box 3334
San Clemente, CA. 92673
(949) 492-9933

North Valley Open Practice

North Valley Open Practice is Thursday May 11.

Speedway / Flat track at Sacramento Raceway located at 5305 Excelsior Rd. Sacramento CA 95827.

3 pm Gates Open
4-6 pm Sign Up
6 - 9 pm Practice
$35 Riders
$10 Spectator

For More Info Ray Holt (916) 504-6265
Track Phone Number (916) 916-366-7368

Note: North Valley M/C is putting on the practice, Sacramento Raceway will only be doing track prep, then North Valley will maintain it all night.

Big Time Speedway

*This SUNDAY - April 2nd from 2:00pm - 6:00pm*

Gates will open at 12:00 / Everyone is Welcome - Organized - Cush Groomed Track with Fresh DG

$30.00 per Rider - Knobbies OK on 150cc & under

Big Time Speedway

AMA Qualifier


We are very humbled and honored to announce that after coordinating with Alicia Barkman, the 16 riders in the AMA National Qualifier at the Perris season finale on April 22, will be racing for the coveted Nick Varner Trophy. The top 6 riders on the night will be automatically qualified to join last years top 8 finishers in for the permanent places in the four round 2017 series.

In addition, we will be running 'Nick Varner Track Championships' for Division 2, Division 3, 250 Youth, 150 Mini, Pee Wee, Sidecars and Mini Bikes. This will be the last Perris Speedway event until the 2017/18 Winter Series begins, probably in late November.

We have 8 heats left to sell @$100 each for the National Qualifier. We thank our great sponsors from the rained out Winter Olympique, Tom Baarstad, Robert White, Tanny Palmese, Chuck O'Banion, Jeff Paige, RC Jones, Dorcey Alan Wingo, Brian Alderdice Realty, S Patrick O'Donnell, Leon Black, Dave Delbridge and Tom and Julie Hertig Bryant for rolling over their help to this event.

We are a non profit grass roots program and appreciate the external help in the speedway world to put on an event like this.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

2017 AMA Entry Form


2017 World Famous Gumball Rally

2017 Gumball Rally

Sunday Feb 26th at noon is the first race. Look at this lineup! ... its going to be a super fun day for the kids! Such a good event for the kids ... a ton of sponsors that I can't even begin to thank enough!

I don't ever really ask for anything, but I am now. I hope EVERY D1 rider there is in So Cal, makes an honest effort to be here on Sunday for these amazing young racers. Lets face it ... the way these kids are riding, they are going to spank you when they get into D1, so might as well make it easy on yourself and be a mentor to them now ... it will pay off tenfold when they line up next to you later ... ha ha. Its an important thing that is missing in JRs. That was one of the coolest, and best memories from 20-30 years ago or more ... so many of the kids were a protege of one of the D1 stars, it was absolutely a huge and positive influence on so many on and off the track.

Come make a difference in the sport you love ... You will get an armband to come hang in the their pits, cheer them on, fuel their bike, give them some pointers ... after all , YOU guys are their heroes.

Colton Hicks
Sebastian Palmese
Sara Cords
Jake Isaac
Dylan Wagner
Keelan Venegas
Michael Wells
Cameron "Teamcam" Krezman
Logan Hedden
Landon Norton
Landon Collins
Kyle Cunningham
Sammy Tetrault
Aidan McNutt
Anthony Dion
Timmy Dion
Sterling Martin
Alex Martin
Greg Moore
Charlie Trana
Luke Whitcomb
Slater Lightcap
Glenn Geist
Andrew Russell
Wilbur Hancock
Bill Hancock??
Dakota Shockley
Cole Ayers
#36 Harley Fisher
Colton Nelson
Enzo Sorani
Jose "Nitro" Navarette
Czane Dunbar
Hudson Hollis
"GoGo" Gavin
Holly Donovan
Gracie Janniro
Levi Leutz
Conner Salazar
Kristian Daniel Jr
Jake Salazar
Ken Matsudaira
Owen Williams
#95 Drake Conner
#32 Harley Facchini
#72 Asher Hollis
#77 Hudson Hollis
#13 Jameson Hutchinson (Ferris)

I am super excited for all these little rippers! ... Going to be a great and memorable race once again! Thanks for everyone's support, it is amazing

Kelly Inman (626) 393-3876 call or text with any questions!

Big Time Speedway - February 18

Rained out, possible reschedule - Big Time Speedway February 18

LOOK FOR SHORT NOTICE - UNSCHEDULED DATES for both Billy J. Speedway Clinic and Open Practice - weather permitting.

The World Famous Gumball Rally

Industry Racing
Feb 25th 7pm = Big Kids Gumball Rally
Feb 26th 12pm = 2017 Jr Speedway Gumball Rally
6200 Temple Ave. City of Industry, CA 91744

The annual Jr Speedway Gumball Rally at Industry Racing is by far the funnest and most iconic weekend of racing completely dedicated to the kids of Jr Speedway.

Created by a couple of the Jr Speedway riders fathers who wanted a fun race that was only for the kids, it was their day to shine...has now become legendary and world famous.

The first one was staged over 33 years ago, at the popular Ken Maely ranch in Corona, CA with about 15 kids racing for the 1st place Gumball machine. Now, over 50 kids compete for 7 different 1st place Gumball machine trophies and so many gift bags for every kid, overflowing with product from great companies that support the grass roots racing platform, entirely for the kids from 4-16 years old, that the Gumball Rally provides. Americas best speedway racers have all competed in the Gumball Rally at one time or another, and we have had several entries over the years from other countries here to support the young racers! We are so lucky to have the amazing monetary donations that go towards prize money and purchase of more gift bag items for all the racers. The companies and fans that donate product and money to this event, support these kids who are our future of the sport, and they know the importance and value of sponsoring beginning at the grass roots level. Some of these kids will devote every waking hour working and training to become National Champions, or World Champions, some will move on from the sport...but every single one of them will remember their times of racing in the world famous Gumball Rally, and who supported them and the event, for the rest of their lives. The weekend creates camaraderie, fun memories, friendships, competition and values that will further the kids in life and racing. Families camp out together for the weekend. The nations elite professional racers donate their time and amazing skills for an exciting night of racing in support of the kids event, and I cant thank all of them enough!

We want every kid to leave the weekend with a huge smile, more friends and life memories. Every year we succeed.

If you know of any companies willing to donate product or any items for the kids in the event, no matter how big or small... let me know...or pass this on to them.

You / they can PayPal any monetary donations to speedwaykelly@yahoo.com, or mail to the above address. All donated items, products and money go 100% to the kids and this event.

Thank you to everyone that donates their time, money or product to all these amazing kids ... The kids, the parents, the families, all the racers, the staff, and myself...We all appreciate it!

Thank you,
Kelly Inman
626-393-3876 cell
Kelly@Industry Racing

February 4 - Practice at Fast Fridays

Fast Fridays

Big Time Speedway January 21

Rained out, possible reschedule - Big Time Speedway January 21

Big Time Speedway

Perris January 14

Rained out, possible reschedule

Ricky Wells makes his first US racing appearance in over three years at Perris this coming Saturday, 14 January at 5pm for the 'Dr Thermal Winter Olympique.'

Ricky joins a stellar field that includes Luke Becker, Max Ruml, Dillon Ruml, Gage Geist and Kurtis Hamill. Ricky comes off of the back of several solid seasons of British League racing and lines up for the Edinburgh Monarchs in 2017.

The event features the unique earned handicap race format where your previous race finishing position determines your handicap next time out. The top 3 after 4 rounds transfer to an all scratch final with 4-7 racing off for the last spot in an LCQ.

The purse for this event currently is $1,350 and hopefully it can rise further!

The event features a full supporting program including Support Classes, Juniors, Pee Wees, Mini Bikes and hopefully Sidecars (will confirm once entries are lodged).

Steve Evans January 9, 2017 dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net


GUMBALL RALLY WEEKEND! Feb 24-26th All of us at Industry Racing are looking forward to this always fun weekend, and seeing all our friends!

Feb 24th 6pm - Awards and dinner for 2015 season @6pm
(1 dinner included with 2017 Industry license, or can be purchased separate if reserved before the weekend.)

Feb 25th 11-4pm : open practice $30 per rider
Feb 25th - 7pm first race : Big Kids Gumball Rally (spectator gates will open 6pm)
Feb 26th - 12-4pm World Famous Gumball Rally! $20 / rider or mechanic or pit pass

All necessary details will be posted soon. 2017 Rider and Mechanic applications should be on our website in about a week.
Sign ups for Gumball will open in a couple weeks. Time for me to go get those sponsors and product sponsors for these amazing young racers!
Thank you for all the support!! Kelly Inman, Director Speedway Racing Industry Racing - speedwaykelly@yahoo.com

Santa Maria Raceway

Santa Maria Raceway has expanded its bike schedule to four events for 2017 after a successful 2016. The schedule includes a round of the AMA National Speedway Championship Series on July 29th.

The season opener on April 15th will mirror the 2016 races of a mix of Speedway and Flat track and a $2500 speedway purse. The August and September races will more be slanted to flat track (no pro speedway classes planned as of now), but we will still run Vintage, Support, Youth and Sidecars in those dates.

The Santa Maria Raceway link has the official track release of the full schedule including car events.

Bike dates;
April 15 - Spring Classic (Speedway and Flat Track)
July 29 - AMA National Championship Series
August 26 - Flat Track Championship
September 23 - Harley Hooligan Night and Flat Track

Steve Evans January 7, 2017 dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net


2017 Big Time Speedway
1st OPEN PRACTICE of the New Year -" Let the sliding begin"
Everyone's Welcome! $25.00 per rider / Organized - Groomed

2017 Perris Speedway Supplementary Rules

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