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Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York, USA - June 28, 2008
By Jason Bonsignore

NY State Championship Round 2/Omar Lightner Cup

Another awesome night at Champion, it truly keeps getting better each event. There were some great races. Adam "The Missile" Mittl, rolled through the program undefeated to take his second Omar Lightner Championship in a row. His only challenge of the night came from Gene Bonsignore, who celebrated his 60th birthday Monday, as Bonsignore led Mittl for three laps in the last heat round before Mittl made a very nice outside pass to win. Other than that, Mittl led every race from wire to wire and was in a zone! Corey Brookes again impressed everyone by keeping pace, and defeating, some very good riders in D-1, ON A 250!!! Tuff McBride is back riding like he is 20 again! The track was perfect, the crowd actually had more paid people than the last race! Again, the support riders put on a great show! All the riders did great. Congrats to Mark Bradley for his win and to Cole on winning D-3 first time back. The next speedway event on the East Coast is a huge one, the Monroe Fair Championship in Henrietta, NY on FRIDAY, it has been changed to FRIDAY, July 11!!! Action Park will be the next night on Sat July 12.

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL BALLS RACING, without all of their help we could not be doing this well! Also special thanks to Russ Cornell, Tim Mathewson, Andy Crawford, Corey Deubler and John Vassil for grounds help. The whole staff is doing an awesome job. SKYLARK DINER was last nights sponsor. Thanks to Ron Hills for all his support on the RACE report TV show.


Top point scorers after the heats:

Mittl 12
Donholt 11
Bonsignore 7
McBride 7
L. McBride 7
Hawkins 7
Buman 5
Harman 5
Brookes 4
Clark 4
Laessig 2
Cornell 1

Semi #1: Buman, Harman, L. McBride, Clark - Buman from the gate

Semi #2: T. McBride, Bonsignore, Brookes, Hawkins - Bonsignore and McBride had a great one until McBride was able to get clear near the end

Last Chance: L. McBride, Harman, Brookes, Bonsignore 10 yard line - Bonsignore had it in the bag the first attempt but parked it on lap two and Brookes tagged his rear wheel causing both to go down. Bonsignore was penalized ten yards on the restart. McBride made a strong gate and rode to an easy win.

Main - It was Mittl all the way.
1. Adam Mittl
2. Tuff McBride
3. Mikey Buman
4. Lenny McBride
5. Casey Donholt

Support A - Barondick also rode very well, showing more consistency. He is going to be a good rider soon.
1. Mark Bradley
2. Ray Barondick
3. Dee Holden
4. Shawn Engel
5. Jeff Garlinghouse

Support B
1. Cole
2. Calpin
3. Bailey
4. Dotterer

1. Portoraro
2. Roberts
3. Crone

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