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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York - May 30, 2009
By Jason Bonsignore - Eastern Speedway Promotions

Casey Donholt had a good night winning the scratch main after two restarts. The first time Donholt was away first but the outside slider did not go up which brought about a restart. On the second try Tuff McBride was leading but a pile up brought out another restart. The third time it was Donholt again as he made a solid gate and won with McBride second.

Scratch Main
1. Casey Donholt
2. Tuff McBride
3. Corey Brookes
4. Jerry Harman
5. Adam Mittl

Jeff Garlinghouse rode very well making his first Handicap Main in Div 1. Corey Brookes was very impressive coming from the 30 yard line in his first Handicap Main on a 500 to take the victory. Jerry Harman also stepped up his game for a good night.

Handicap Main
1. Corey Brookes -30
2. Jerry Harman - 40
3. Casey Donholt - 50
4. Adam Mittl - 50
5. Tuff McBride - 50
6. Jeff Garlinghouse - 0

The support A racing was excellent. All the riders rode great. Dwight Basa led for most of the final before falling but he is showing signs of becoming quite the racer. Ray Barondick is also enjoying a great comeback. Cole Farwell did not get the results he wanted last night but puts on a very exciting show.

Garlinghouse was very consistent and controlled. Stefan Laessig was awesome in his handicap heat race taking the win.

Support A
1. Jeff Garlinghouse
2. Cole Farwell
3. Dwight Basa
4. Ray Barondick
5. Stefan Laessig DNS

The much anticipated return of "Dangerous" Dan Harbst brought entertainment and fortunately no crashes. Don Wheel and won his first two heats and took a second in the feature. A well deserved win went to Brian Bailey. New rider Bill Papula was third with Dangerous in fourth and another brand new rider, 14 year old Alex Mann, in fifth.

Support B
1. Brian Bailey
2. Don Wheeland
3. Bill Papula
4. Dan Harbst
5. Alex Mann

Junior Speedway
1.Spencer Portararo
2. Dakota Crone
3. Roger Roberts

PW 50
1. Jordan Engel

Tom Donahue took the win for the second week in a row in the Quad Pro Main and Brandon Utter won again in the AM Quad div.

Next race is June 6

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