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2010 New Years Classic
January 31, 2010 - Perris Raceway
By: Ryan Evans

Dream Team member Tyson Burmeister took began the lengthy 2010 Southern California speedway schedule by winning the main event at the New Years Classic at Perris Raceway.

Burmeister started from gate one and got off the line quickly while Doug Nicol tried to trap from gate five. Nicol couldn’t get all the way across the field and Burmeister led through turn one and down the back straight. Nicol didn’t give up, though, and used the outside line to pull alongside the leader in turns three and four. The riders were shoulder-to-shoulder at the end of lap one and they remained in lock-step through the next bend and on the back straight. Nicol found more grip exiting turn four and tried to drop down in front of Burmeister as they entered turn one. Nicol briefly took the lead but his momentum carried him wide into turn two and Burmeister took charge again with Gino Manzares moving up the inside to take second. Nicol went for broke in turns three and four and slid off. Burmeister led at the white flag with Manzares in tow, but the 16 year old couldn’t find a way past. Burmeister was first to the checkered flag, Manzares finished second, Neil Facchini was third, Mike “Spiderman” Bloom finished fourth, and Nicol was fifth.

Recent Birmingham signing Chris Kerr led the first heat but lost a chain in what proved to be a harbinger of his day. Nicol took the lead and the win ahead of Burmeister. Austin Novratil defeated Bloom and Brad Sauer in heat two. Facchini beat Jason Ramirez to end round one.

Round two began with Kerr and Manzares side-by-side before Kerr slid off in turn four. Manzares led the rest of the way for his first win. Burmeister held off Josh Abbott to win the next heat. Novratil finished the second round with his second straight win.

The final round began with Novratil going down hard and ending his day. Abbott led the restart before Kerr used the outside line to take the lead and the win. Facchini held off Nicol for his second straight win. Manzares ended the heats by passing Burmeister for the lead and his second consecutive win.

A five-rider runoff was needed to fill the final two spots in the semis. Ramirez got the best start with Kerr going down in turn two. The race continued and Ramirez led for two laps before falling in turn four. This handed the win to Abbott and the other semi position to Bloom.

Burmeister led the first semi the entire way with Manzares following him into the main. Facchini and Bloom finished one-two in the second semi to also make the main. Nicol won the Last Chance to take the final spot in the main.

Tyson Talkington won both his heats and scored an impressive triumph in the Second Division Main Event to complete his perfect day. Michael Raines was second, Rudy Laurer finished third, Steve Dziadus was fourth, Steve Bowen finished fifth, and Rohn Zellner was sixth.

Mike Wiley led all four laps to capture the Third Division Main Event. Norman Graham was second, Tony DeAlmeida finished third, Gene Stone was fourth, and Billy Vaughn was fifth.

Maxwell Ruml made an auspicious debut on a 250cc bike by winning the Youth First Division Main Event. Nicky Reimer finished second and Rocco Scopellite was third after suffering an engine failure.

Hayley Perrault started in the back but negotiated traffic to win the Youth Second Division Main Event. Dillon Ruml finished second, Michael Wells was third, Ryan Vaughn finished fourth, Willie Wondolowski was fifth, Gino Scopellite finished sixth, and Jacob Wondolowski was seventh.

Wells and Jacob Wondolowski had a spirited four-lap battle with Wells getting a narrow victory in the Pee Wee Main Event. Jacob Wondolowski had to settle for second, Summer Fehrman was third, Dakota Shockley finished fourth, and Tristan Britt was fifth.

Cassi Novratil was victorious in the Powder Puff Main Event with Julie Shockley finishing second and Summer Fehrman getting third.

The next speedway event at Perris Raceway will be a night race on Saturday, February 27 with the first race starting at 7:00 p.m.


Powderpuff Main Event
288 – Cassi Novratil
 11 – Julie Shockley
  8 – Summer Fehrman

Pee Wee Main Event
214 – Michael Wells
251 – Jacob Wondolowski
  8 – Summer Fehrman
 34 – Dakota Shockley
 11 – Tristan Britt

Youth Second Division Main Event
  0 – Hayley Perrault		20
111 – Dylan Ruml		20
214 – Michael Wells		0
127n – Ryan Vaughn		0
241 – Willie Wondolowski	0
  7 – Gino Scopellite		0
251 – Jacob Wondolowski		0

Youth First Division Main Event
356 – Maxwell Ruml
 41 – Nicky Reimer
  9 – Rocco Scopellite		(engine failure)

Third Division Consolation
131 – Rod Requejo
198 – Mike Boyle
268 – DeWayne Stark
151 – Brandon Leedy
219 – Alfonso Marroquin
333 – Mike Salyer

Third Division Main Event
101 – Mike Wiley
129 – Norman Graham
157 – Tony DeAlmeida
231 – Gene Stone
181n – Billy Vaughn		(fell)
354 – Ed Lynch 			(non starter)

Second Division C Main
187 – Blake Bowen
186 – Tim McGrath
201 – Dylan Black
121 – Paul Hitchcock		(fell)
237 – Tommy Kistler		(non starter)
362 – Ralph Chudy		(non starter)

Second Division B Main
163 – Rohn Zellner
177 – Steve Bowen
187 – Blake Bowen
240n – Rick Fehrman
266 – Jonni Jade
252 – Jeff Remington

Second Division Main Event
220 – Tyson Talkington
259 – Michael Raines
182 – Rudy Laurer
212 – Steve Dziadus
177 – Steve Bowen
163 – Rohn Zellner		(retired)

First Division Scoring		1	2	3	T
 17 – Robbie Sauer		1	2	2	5
 21 – Brad Sauer		2	3	2	7
 22 – Mike Bloom		3	2	1	6
 24 – Gino Manzares		1	4	4	5
 27 – Chris Kerr		1	1	4	6
 41 – John Marquez		R	1	N	1
 66 – Jason Ramirez		3	1	2	6
 86 – Neil Facchini		4	0	4	8
 98 – Doug Nicol		4	F	3	7
103 – Kyle Hicks		2	3	1	6
141 – Josh Abbott		F	3	3	6
181 – Austin Novratil		4	4	Nr	8
184 – Tyson Burmeister		3	4	3	10
244 – Joey Holt			2	2	0	4

Race Results
 1: Nicol, Burmeister, Hicks, Kerr (retired), Abbott (fell)
 2: Novratil, Bloom, B. Sauer, Manzares (fell, remounted)
 3: Facchini, Ramirez, Holt, R. Sauer, Marquez (retired)
10: Manzares, B. Sauer, Holt, Kerr (fell, remounted), Facchini (fell, remounted)
11: Burmeister, Abbott, R. Sauer, Marquez (fell)
12: Novratil, Hicks, Bloom, Ramirez (fell, remounted), Nicol (tape penalty) (fell)
19: (restarted) Kerr, Abbott, B. Sauer (tape penalty), Novratil (non starter – restart), Marquez (non starter)
20: Facchini, Nicol, R. Sauer, Bloom
21: Manzares, Burmeister, Ramirez, Hicks, Holt
Runoff: Abbott, Bloom, Kerr (fell, remounted), Ramirez (fell, remounted), Hicks (retired)
Semi #1: Burmeister, Manzares, B. Sauer, Abbott
Semi #2: Facchini, Bloom, Nicol, Novratil (non starter)

First Division Last Chance
 98 – Doug Nicol
 21 – Brad Sauer
141 – Josh Abbott
181 – Austin Novratil 		(non starter)

First Division Main Event
184 – Tyson Burmeister
 24 – Gino Manzares
 86 – Neil Facchini
 22 – Mike Bloom
 98 – Doug Nicol		(fell)


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