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Perris Raceway
Burton Road
Perris, California

November 19, 2011
By: Steve Graham <stephenagraham@hotmail.com>
Photos by Dorcey Wingo

2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
Cooler temps brought out the parkas and gloves, but it was a gorgeous evening for racing in Perris, CA. The track and facility has never looked better, and the sign really says it all..... Carrie Hancock spearheads the Riders Meeting as Referee Josh Larsen listens in......
2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
English rider Richard Andrews (left) managed to break the tapes early, earning him his first Stateside exclusion.
The Pee Wees rode hard all night long, but beating #275 Jimmy Fishback IV to the checkered was problematic!
Division 2 Juniors take off in another round of "Catch #45, Braydan Galvin!"
2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
But catching Braydan Galvin is easier said than done! Division 1 Junior #98 Broc Nicol had his moment in the spotlight, but can you hear #308 Max Ruml shouting, "Get outta my way?"
Perris Raceway has a full-blown road grader and water truck when it comes to track maintenance. Very cool!
2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
Once Max gets out front, the outcome is usually predictable: victory!
Division 2 riders had converging lines, coming into turn four. NorCal Rachelle Kerr made her D-2 rivals ride hard to catch her!
2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
A big man who usually pilots the Harley-Davidson Sidecar, Div. 3 veteran T-Rod Requejo took the checkered in style. Div. 2 regular #101 Mike Wiley enjoys the view and having that pesky #313 Joey St. Louis in the way!
But Joey found a way, anyhow!
2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway 2011 Perris Speedway
 Division 1: #321 Russell Green (right) tries to remove #24 Gino Manzares' steel shoe with his motorcycle as #25 Jimmy Fishback (left) burns around turn one. Speaking of Green, Russell had to hit the burners to get around an improved #48 Tyson Talkington.
Div. 1 Main Event: Green has the pole; Jimmy Fishback in two; #39 Buck Blair is in three, leaving #26 Tyson Burmeister along the wall.
  2011 Perris Speedway  
  A familiar sight around SoCal: Main Event Winner Jimmy Fishback III flies the checkered flag around the track.  

Perris Speedway Quick Results

25 Jimmy Fishback
26 Tyson Burmeister
39 Buck Blair
321 Russell Green

313 Joey St. Louis
182 Rudy Lauer
192 Mitch Pierson
101 Mike Wiley

131 Rod Requejo
319 Brad Russell
185 Kayle LeoGrande
220 Tom Bryant

Division-1 Junior
Max Ruml

Division-2 Junior
Brayden Galvin

Jimmy Fishback IV

A few observations from Perris tonight from Steve Graham

Jimmy Fishback is at the top of the class of SoCal speedway riders right now.

Rocco Scopellite had the last chance in the bag until he looped it and went down hard in the last turn of the heat. Going to England upped his game considerably.

Russell Green came up huge with 8 points, tying Little Animal as top scorer in the qualifying rounds, to earn a spot in the Main. Going to England upped his game considerably too.

Rudy Lauer is a tough competitor always.

T-Rod hole shotted every heat he was in.

Joey St. Louis is fast but needs more work to see D-1.

Perris is a fine facility and any rider would benefit from riding on a longer track.

Hayley Perrault is going to be a sore girl in the morning. She went down twice, the second time being pretty scary, but she was up and running at the end of the night. She is one tough rider.

Once Max Ruml gets into his groove, he really is untouchable. A great future in this sports awaits.

Max may be untouchable but if anyone is gonna get him, it will be Broc Nicol. The past couple of months Broc has really been coming into his own. He's fast!

Time for Brayden Galvin to take the next step. He's run out of competition in D-2 juniors.

000 Mikey Ortega needs to lose the training wheels.

Carrie Hancock is a delight to work for.

Josh Larsen isn't going to take any grief as ref.

Last but certainly not least, Rachalle Kerr is one helluva speedway rider. It was the first time I've seen her down here and that girl has some serious game in D-2. Some bad luck in the Last Chance but could have easily competed in the D-2 Main.

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