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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Motis & McElroy win Victorville!
June 18, 2011
Results By: Steve Evans

Brian Motis and Brandi McElroy won a thrilling Sidecar Main whilst American Touring Team rider Marvin Sonnier won the Speedway class at Victorville.

The largest crowd of the year was thrilled by the biggest standalone Sidecar show in years. The drivers and passengers stepped it up and were deserved headliners - they raced hard and brought the crowd to its feet many times during the night. The best race in the heats was in round 2 when Motis and McElroy charged from third to 1st in the space of a quarter of a lap with inside and outside passes. National Champions Joe Jones & Jimmy Olsen won all four of their heats to qualify on a perfect score of 12.

The Main event took three attempts to run, the first two both stopped when Missy Driggers twice fell from husband Shawn's bike going into the first turn. Motis and McElroy made lightening gates each time and on the third running were once more first away, though National Champions Joe Jones & Jimmy Olsen were on their tail from the off and literally threw everything they had at them for all 4 laps. The local team of Dylan Beard and Steve Emas in turn put the heat on Jones and Olsen. The positions stayed that way but the first three were inches apart the whole time.

The Speedway class saw Marvin Sonnier win the first heat with Dylan Black winning the next two. The Main was a battle of attrition. Rick Fehrman fell in the first staging and couldn't restart when Black was in the front. Black himself fell whilst leading in the 2nd running, leaving Sonnier to take the win from Billy Lyons.

In Support Bander Alexander, who won the first heat, led home points leader Tony DeAlmeida, who won the nest two heats. Kip McClain was third.

The Pee Wees had two Mains - Dakota Shockley won the 50cc Main, whilst the Open Main, run over 10 laps to accommodate Flat Trackers, was won by Alyssa Flores.

There was also a well supported Flat Track field. Dan Shaw took the Novice class, whilst the Pro Class, which also brought the crowd to its feel with close racing, went to David Bush.

Only the Sidecars ran for points in this event as many regulars in other Divisions were at Costa Mesa.

The next race at Victorville is in just 7 days and features the only race in the USA to be run using British League style team racing and rules - the much anticipated Old Vs Young Challenge.


Sidecars: Heat Points: Joe Jones / Jimmy Olsen 12, Brian Motis / Brandi McElroy 9, Dylan Beard / Steve Emas 8, Shawn & Missy Driggers 8, Dave Alexander and Trevor DeSherlia 6, Rod Requejo and Gene Stone 3, Scott & Casey Driggers 2, Jeff Medberry & Matt Davis 0.

B Main
22 Alexander / DeSherlia
13 Driggers/ Driggers
25 Requejo / Stone
44 Medberry / Davis

A Main
2 Motis / McElroy
1 Jones / Olsen
5150 Beard/ Emas
23 Driggers / Driggers

Speedway Points: Dylan Black 6, Rick Fehrman 6, Marvin Sonnier 3, Billy Lyons 3

52 Sonnier
32 Lyons
201 Black (fell)
240 Fehrman (non starter restart)

Speedway Support Points: DeAlmeida 8, Bander Alexander 6, Kip McClain 4

224 Alexander
157 DeAlmeida
316 McClain

PW 50 Main
34 Dakota Shockley
71 Ryan Meredith
1 Hunter Hill

Open Pee Wee Main
53 Alyssa Flores
54 Frank Flores
8 Summer Fehrman
34 Dakota Shockley
12 Hailey Hill
71 Ryan Meredith
1 Hunter Hill

Flat Track Novice (Top 3)
88 Dan Shaw, 34 Keith Bryant, 13 Emmy Bush

Flat Track Pro's (Top 3)
88B David Bush, 17R Nick Gil, 44S Robert Bush

Sidecar Points
1. Joe Jones / Jimmy Olsen 51
2. Brian Motis / Brandi McElroy 40
3. Dave Alexander / Trevor DeSherlia 35
4. Shawn & Missy Driggers 34
5. Dylan Beard / Steve Emas 31
6. Scott & Casey Driggers21
7. Rod Requejo / Gene Stone 9
8. Jeff Medberry / Matt Davis 5
9. Kevin Brown / Matt Davis 3

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