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2012 IMS Speedway
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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

Harley Night
August 17, 2012
By: Tom Fox
Photos by Howie

Photos from Howie Zechner Facebook Photo Album

2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Billy says, "I swear it was this big!" The place to be. Chris plans ahead.

With clipboard Ryan Evans attending the U21 race tonight I thought I would try to fill in for him.

Pee Wee Main
76 Nick Dunn
27 Luke Whitcomb
326 Jake Troutt
19 Julia Pierson

200cc Main (Restarted)
45 Braydan Galvin
214 Michael Wells
4 Courtney Crone
192 Dryden Gale

250cc Main
308 Max Ruml
104 Kurtis Hamill
111 Dillon Ruml

Support Main
163 Ron Davis
186 Tim McGrath
145 Davey Shaw
318 Stephen Simrak
155 J.D. Meyerscough
245 Mike Fuson

1st Division Scratch Main
104 Billy Hamill
6 Shawn McConnell
48 Tyson Talkington
14 Eddie Castro
46 Aaron Fox

Hurry back Ryan, it was very difficult to do my starting duties and keep score. All in all it was another fun night though.

Tom Fox

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