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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds
1273 High Street
Auburn, California

Speedway Week 5
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Janniro and Novratil win mains
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

The unseasonable chilly weather did not stop the hot racing at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway in Auburn at the Gold Country Fairgrounds Friday night. An unusual rain on Thursday cleared for a great night of racing action. The crowd was not huge with the weather and graduations keeping some away, but the diehard fans that showed up were treated to some first class racing.

Back in Division I after a few weeks off Bart Bast was welcomed back by fans. Bast who has over 40 years of speedway racing under his belt and is a member of arguably one of the most recognized families in speedway racing did not lose a bit off his game. Bast worked his way into the scratch main event with a win in his heat race and semi race. Along with Bast, Billy Janniro, Austin Novratil and Russell Green lined up on the start line for the scratch main event and possibility of being crowned the fastest man of the night. For a couple of laps it was the Billy and Bart show. Both riders fought hard for the inside position in turn one, and were at each other sides angling for the lead. But Janniro, using all of the track pulled ahead of Bast as he trailed. It was a great race between two very skilled veteran riders and this night the fastest man of the night was Janniro. Bast was second, Green was third and Novratil with what looked like a mechanical problem was fourth.

Novratil, up from Southern California for the first time this year dazzled fans with unbelievable great gates and nearly perfect laps. In the handicap program Novratil, riding off the 40 yard line, was perfect winning his heat race, semi-final race and the handicap main event in convincing style by leading the entire six laps and closing with a wide margin. Novratil's night was fantastic losing only one race; the scratch main event in his first outing of the season at Fast Fridays. Russell Green was second and Tommy Hedden was third.

Riding in both Division II and Division III Friday night Blake Borello had a great night and is making a name for himself moving up in divisions. After winning the Division III main event last week Borello, who rides off the zero line in Division II, won his heat race, then transferred to the main event winning that also. "I had to be in Division III because I've had two years off the bike and I just got on a five hundred and they had to put me somewhere," Borello said. "I was mixed (division II and III) this week but straight Division III last week, I'm just waiting for yardage now," he said. Borello has said goodbye to Division III and will looking for his added yardage next week in Division II. Borello 16, of Georgetown is off to a great 2017 start and should fare well in Division II and maybe be looking for a Division I start before the season is over. Rick Shafer was second and Matt King was third.

Ray Holt Jr. Jr., pulled off his first main win of the season in Division III. A seasoned flat tracker Holt converted to a speedway bike last season, winning one main event last year. Holt, has notched two second place finishes and a third place finish so far this season closing the deal Friday night with a main event win. Doing battle again with Aaron Sorani, Holt took first. Sorani was second and Blake Borello was third.

Auburn's Colton Hicks, back after an absence last week, took his familiar place on the winner's podium with a win in the Youth Speedway Main Event. Hicks was undefeated for the evening winning both of his heat races and the main event. Anthony Dion was second, and Colton Nelson was third. Auburn's Kyle Cunningham was first in the Youth Consolation Main Event. Enzo Sorani was second, Aidan McNutt was third and Dylan Wagner was fourth.

Next week the Extreme Sidecars return to Fast Fridays for the second of their heart stopping five season appearances. It's something to see, two riders on 1100cc three wheeled motorcycles racing as one rider hangs off the bike on the turns.

Fast Fridays Results for 6-9-17

Scratch Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Bart Bast, 3-Russell Green, 4-Austin Novratil

Scratch Consolation
1-Bryan Yarrow, 2-Tommy Hedden, 3-Ryan Bast, 4-Louie Mersaroli

Handicap Main Event
1-Austin Novratil, 2-Russell Green, 3-Tommy Hedden

Division II Main Event
1-Blake Borello, 2-Rick Shafer, 3-Matt King

Division III Main Event
1-Ray Holt Jr. Jr., 2-Aaron Sorani, 3-Blake Borello

Youth Main Event
1-Colton Hicks, 2-Anthony Dion, 3-Colton Nelson, 4-Landon Norton

Youth Consolation Main
1-Kyle Cunningham, 2-Enzo Sorani, 3-Aidan McNutt, 4-Dylan Wagner

Pee Wees
1-Daniel Tesca, 2-Nick Hohlbein, 3-Wesley Rearick

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway

Back from a couple of weeks break, Bart Bast was back on his game finishing second in the scratch main event at Fast Fridays.

Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Colton Hicks won the Youth Speedway Main Event.
Fast Fridays Speedway Southern California's Austin Novratil won the Handicap Main Event by a wide margin. Novratil won every race he was in but the Scratch Main Event.
Fast Fridays Speedway -A flat track convert, Ray Holt Jr. Jr. is finding his groove in Division III. Holt picked up his first main event win of the season.
Fast Fridays Speedway The start of the Youth Speedway Main Event, (left-right) Landon Norton, Colton Hicks, Colton Nelson and Anthony Dion. Hicks picked up the win.
Fast Fridays Speedway Georgetown's Blake Borello is off to a great season. After a short stay in Division III, Borello won the Division II main event Friday night.
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