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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

September 13, 1996 Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Gary Roberts

This was the final Friday evening speedway session at Costa Mesa for the year. On Saturday Sept 28 the US National will be held. They also plan to have a racing in November with a group of Europeans, who are on their way to Australia.

Racing was all scratch, no handicap. 12 five man heats sorted with a points system identified the top 5 riders, who comprised the main, the next 5 went to the consolation. 4 support heats were held, with each heat winner going to a support main.

Results as follows:

1. Steve"bad boy" Lucero
2. "Rad" Brad Oxley
3. Bobby"Boogaloo" Schwartz
4. John Aden
5. Louis Kossuth

1. Gary Hicks
2. Don Odom
3. Andy "the Enforcer" Northrup
4. Shawn McConnell

1. Randy Skinner
2. Charlie Cooley
3. Jeremy O'Neal
4. Jason Daniels

This was the first time that Louis Kossuth had appeared at Costa Mesa. A former regular competitor, he now competes in Northern California. He did have an outstandingly close heat race with Steve Lucero, certainly the best race of the evening. His last place in the main was the result of a tapes exclusion.

So if this is an indication for the result of the National, Lucero continues to be the local favourite. He is the Southern California points leader and is a former National Champion. Bobby Schwartz must also be viewed as being in with a good chance. Then there's Hamill, Hancock and Faria, any one of which could win. Should be a good event.

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