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Fairgrounds Raceway
Santa Maria, California

September 13, 1997 - Fairgrounds Raceway
From: Gary Roberts

After what I understand were a few weeks of racing with a shortage of riders (I missed 4 weeks due to vacation, business trip etc) the September 13 evening of racing went extremely well. A full program of 16 riders plus a reserve, everything went very smoothly. As it ended so early, a short practice session followed and I was able to go out get a few laps in and remember how fit I'm not. The track was 100% perfect, not a bump, rut or hint of patchiness.

8 of the 16 riders were from Northern California's division 2 and 3. All were impressed with the track and most will return before the end of the season which is currently planned to be October 25. I would expect that the last few events of the year will be the best attended, rider-wise, as other tracks will have closed down.


Charlie Powell     15
Kitt Nay           12
Matt King          12
Mark Maynard       12 
Doug Mignano       12
Jimmy Collins       8
Jeremy Manchester   8
Gerry Duttweiler    8
Mike Gildersleeve   7 
John VanderMuelen  7
David Lee           5
Jason Chabot        4 
Joe Whiting         4
Rich Mignano        3
Kimi Valentine      1
Don Johnson         1
Walter Baldwin      1 (reserve 3 rides)

A final: Powell, King, Nay, Maynard, Duttweiler
B final: Duttweiler, Collins, Whiting, D. Mignano, Manchester
C final: Whiting, Gildersleeve, Lee, Chabot, Valentine
D final: Valentine, Johnson, R. Mignano

It is encouraging seeing some of the riders who started at the beginning of the season enjoying real success. Local lads, Kit Nay and Charlie Powell both started this year and have made outstanding progress. Both are 17 years old and ex-moto-crossers. It shows that the decision to grow local talent is starting to work. Now if only we could get some more spectators, the dream will be complete!

Next week Fairgrounds Raceway, Santa Maria is hosting the Junior State Championship with top juniors from the north and the south. This in addition to the regular program.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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