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Rich Mignano

January 2, 1932 - August 3, 2016

Rich Mignano

It is with sadness that I report that Rich Mignano passed away, at his Cottonwood, CA home, on August 3, 2016. Rich was 84. His death was proceeded by that of his wife, Stella, on May 27, 2016.

Rich was a regular in the pits Fast Fridays, until he retired from racing at the end of the 2012 season, at the age of 80. Stella was a regular in the stands. From 2013, Rich and Stella became a fixture in the stands. Last month I saw Rich, sitting by himself. I hesitated to ask, but he explained Stella had passed away, following a year long battle with cancer. He said his son was living with him and he was doing OK.

Despite the more than two and a half hour drive each way, Rich and Stella made it to Auburn each week from their home in Cottonwood. They were as enthusiastic Speedway supporters that one could find. They will both be missed. -Gary Roberts

I met Rich when he started racing in 1988. He and his son Doug raced in Division Three and Two. Rich was a joy to talk to, always had a great story and a person I really admired. He never got really fast but tried every week, made the consi's, and was a pleasure to be around. I will miss him. -RC Jones
Sorry for the lose of Rich. He was such a great person. I would also talk to him and his wife every Friday . Even after Rich stopped they still were at Fastfridays every week. This is a great lose to all of us that knew him and he will be greatly missed. Thanks for all the great things you did for the racing world. Love to your family. -Linda Hedden
Rich Mignano was a life long friend to me and my family. I raced his son Doug back in the very early 70's. Rich was an amazing painter. He painted me and my brothers helmets and tanks in the wildest designs. Our families were close for over 45 years. Recently in the last 10-12 years Rich and I became closer thru speedway. He was a good man with a high moral standard. It was enlightening to have Rich in my life. The Geist Family will miss Rich and Stella dearly and always remember the great times we had with them at Happy Valley Raceway. -Doug Geist
I'm so sad to hear this. He truly was a special dude. He used to love coming to Carson City to race. :) Godspeed Rich... -Kymber Estes
Raced with him for years,always upbeat and friendly, will be missed for sure. -Greg Howell
Very sad. Rich was a lovely man and a speedway icon. -Jodie Jacklett
I am sorry. Rich was a nice guy. He was always polite when he signed up. He will truly be missed. -Kim VanderMeeden
He must have been a really good guy... Losingthe person that you grew old with, loved deeply and knew better than anybody has to be the toughest thing ever. Sadly this happens a lot, trying to continue life with out your reason for getting up every day... Maybe this fall was God's way of helping him in another way... So very sorry about your loss Doug and Dave. RIP Mr. Mignano. Scott Perry
RIP Rich. I always made a point to say hi and talk with Rich. He was a great guy. -Dave Fonts
Sad news for sure! I have known him since I was 8 years old. He was a mechanic at S&K Yamaha. Raced flattrack and speedway with them in the late 70's mid 80'. -Walt Bevens
GREAT guy that has been an inspiration to all of us since we met in 1970. Godspeed, Rich. -Jeff Geist
Very sad to hear about Rich Mignano,I think I first met Rich and his son Doug back in 1984, And I was pleasantly surprise to see him again when we returned to speedway in 2010. A good man and always had a big smile. R.I.P. -Steve Martin
Thank you RC for bringing this sad news to the rest of the Speedway family. I knew Rich and his wife only from Fast Fridays, he was always there and ready to race until a couple of years ago. I was informed later that he was a regular in the Flattrack scene in Redding, CA. I know Doug Geist was very close to Rich, being from the Redding area, and very successful as a young flattracker Rich used to do the paint work on both Doug, and Jeff Geist bikes and helmets. -Mike Dilkey
Sorry for your loss Doug. Peace be with your families. -Karen Checkered Flag
One of the GOOD GUYS always a smile and kind words. would keep me updated on a friend of mine who lived by him you will be missed SIR Ride in Peace. Dale DeFreece
Family friends since late 60's. Great people. -Steve Gregory =====
A good friend and all around great guy. RIP Rich. -Tom Mabry
Rip Rich Mignano you will be truly Missed......God speed be with you. -Charlie Venegas

Nickname: "Little Rich"
Rider Number: 246
Hometown: Cottonwood, CA
Birthdate: January 2, 1932
Occupation: Mechanic
Wife: Stella
Children: Alan Mignano and Doug Mignano
Started Speedway: 1988 - 2012
Photo by: Gary Roberts

Bike: Weslake

Tracks Ridden:
USA: Fast Fridays Speedway, Auburn - Cycleland Speedway, Chico - Cal Expo, Sacramento - Solano County Fairgrounds, Sports Arena, Vallejo - Golden Gate, Vallejo - Dixon - Grass Valley - Fort Bragg - Napa

2012 - Fast Fridays Points
2011 - Fast Fridays Points
2010 - Golden Gate Event Aug 14
2009 - Golden Gate Events Aug 08, Aug 22, May 16
2008 - Red Bluff Events May 17, May 31
2008 - Golden Gate Events Jul 26, Aug 9, Aug 16, Aug 23
2008 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 20, Jul 11, Aug 1, Aug 22
2007 - Fast Fridays Events May 25, Jul 27, Aug 3, Oct 5
2006 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 2, Jun 23, Jul 7, Jul 14, Jul 21, Jul 28
2005 - Carson City Events May 21, Jul 2Jul 30
2005 - Fast Fridays Events May 6, May 13, May 20, May 27, Jun 17, Jul 8, Jul 29
2004 - Chowchilla Events
2004 - Fast Fridays Events May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28, Jun 4, Jun 25, Jul 23, Jul 30, Aug 20, Aug 27
2003 - Stockton Practice Session Mar 30
2003 - Fast Fridays Events May 16, May 23, May 30, Jun 20, Jun 27, Jul 4, Jul 11, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 15, Aug 22
2002 - Fast Fridays Events May 11May 24, Jul 26, Aug 9
2001 - Fast Fridays Event Aug 10
2001 - Cal Expo Event Jul 21
2000 - Cal Expo Event Jun 10
2000 - Fast Fridays Events Jun 16
1999 - Fast Fridays Events May 28, Jun 25, Jul 2, Jul 9, Aug 13
1999 - Cal Expo Events May 15, Jun 12, Jun 26, Jul 10, Jul 24, Jul 31
1999 - John Cook Speedway Academy - Fast Fridays Jun 12/13
1998 - Fast Fridays Events May 22, Jun 12, Jun 19
1998 - Cal Expo Events Jun 13, Jun 20, Jun 27, Jul 18
1997 - Fairgrounds Raceway Santa Maria Event Sep 13
1997 - Fast Fridays Events May 9, Jun 20, Jul 4
1993 - Season High Points Champion Division Three
1993 - 2nd in Auburn Division Three Championship

Rich Mignano Mar 2003
2003 - Stockton Practice Session



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