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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday July 21, 2001

By: Alita Hartt and Eric Ryan

Scratch Main:
1 Bart Bast  2 Bob Hicks 3 Tommy Hedden  4 Eric Carrillo

Scratch Consi:
1 Bobby Krips  2 Chris Kerr  3 Scott Olney 4 Bryan Yarrow 5 JJ Martynes

Handicap Main:
1 Eric Carrillo  2 Bart Bast  3 Bob Hicks  4 Chad Felicio  5 Tommy Hedden

Handicap Consi:
1 Bobby Krips  2 JJ Martynes  3 Chris Kerr  4 Jon Curry  5 Bryan Yarrow

Div 2 Main:
1 Matt Browne  2 Phil William  3 Bill Warnock  4 Harlan Bast Sr.  5 Craig Boone 6 Ron Woodsford

Div 2 Consi:
1 Mike Browne  2 Shawn Eldredge  3 LC Veale  4 Devein DeFreece 5 Mark Thomas

Div 3 Main:
1 Dan Chandler  2 Michael Hooten  3 David Baker  4 Kelly McBane  5 Geno Belino  6 Rick Gutzke

Div 3 Consi:
1 Dennis Chandler  2 Brenton Bast  3 Rich Mignano  4 Chuck Bagwell  5 Gary Hubbert  6 Jason Botsford

Juniors Div 1:
1 Greg Hooten  2TJ Fowler  3 Mark Carrillo  4 JT Mabry

Juniors Div 2:
1 Jay Ricketts   2 Paul Johnson  3 Tom Fuhrman  4 Amanda English 5 Bruce Bast

Juniors Div 3:
1 Mitchell Johnson  2 Hunter Morris  3 Ronny Woodsford  4 Tori Hubbert 5 Ricky Felicio

Until next week!  North V South.  Alita

I hope Eric Ryan was paying good attention tonight and will add some commentary as there was a good share of bumps and spills.
The one I remember the best is the last division 2 heat. Kevin Fereira went down in turn 3 Brian Leventon hit him and flew like Rocky the Squirrel from turn 3 to turn 4 and bounced a couple times like a soccer ball.  Amazingly after a few minutes got up and walked away!  I'm certain he will be ailing tomorrow.  All I can say is lots of Advil and Ben Gay Brian.

Hey Gang,
Last night was another thrilling night of speedway motorcycle racing at Cal Expo, Sacramento.  The riders meeting discussed safety, Highway Patrol style of blocking, the track, and the fate of Cal Expo.  Seeing how Dane was so adamant about his opinion, I will share it publicly on the list.  He said that Sideways Saturdays will not be at Cal Expo ever again, and that next year he will be hosting Sideways Saturdays at another site (??????).  Well we wish him luck and admire his perseverance and of course I'll ride any venue.  Actually, Sideways Saturdays is great racing.  Last night's track was different than I had ever seen before (no tractor to drag?).  It felt and road like oiled concrete, but it was smooth and consistent and very very fast.   I wish that I had made it around more than two laps before I figured out how to ride it because like probably ten other riders (all ages and divisions), I layed it down in turn one and was out of my heat race.  Boy, am I sore today.  There was no mentionable halftime show.  There were several periods of dead time; however, everyone got good and fair racing.  Thanks again.
Eric Ryan
D3 #285

Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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