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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, CA

July 4, 1997 - Fast Fridays, Auburn
From: RC Jones

(Unofficial results, please excuse any errors) An interesting night the Fourth of July was. Celebration of our country and all that. Lots of Fireworks, large crowd and interesting crashes.

Unfortunately Pat Linn injured his ankle in the scratch semi and was unable to continue. All three of the Bast's had their turn with the dirt with Papa Bast scaring us the most. Fortunately he was able to recover and continue racing.

Harlan Bast Jr's touchdown provided the most excitement. Harlan was in second place in the handicap main event and was working very hard to track down the leader Travis MacDonald. I do not think Harlan has won a main event in a while and had a great opportunity to do so. With 2 laps to go Harlan got a little squirrly coming out of turn 4 and by the time he arrive at the start/finish line was doing a great tank slapper. Finally he went over the handle bars and bounced down the track on his good sized butt. Harlan was ok and waved to the cheering crown while leaving the track.

In the scratch main Bart Bast and Louis Kossuth went tooth and nail with Kossuth running on the out side for 3 laps before the traction went away slipping to fourth by the end.

(Also note that RC Jones proposed to his girlfriend Nancy right after she sang the 'Star Spangled Banner' to a rousing ovation.)

         Handicap Heats
         Heat 1                          Heat 2
      1  Louis Kossuth 50 yards          Jim Sisemore 50 yards
      2  Harlan Bast Jr 30 yards         David Faria 30 yards
      3  Steve Martynse 10 yards         Robert Curry 30 yards
      4  Jimmy Martinez 20 yards         Kelly Bennett 30 yards
      5  Ian Ferris 20 yards             Frank Crane 0 yards
      6                                  Vance Felicio 20 yards

         Heat 3                          Heat 4
      1  Bobby Hedden 50 yards           Bart Bast 50 yards
      2  Matt Becker 30 yards            Travis MacDonald 20 yards
      3  Pat Linn 40 yards               Bob Hicks 50 yards
      4  Rich Marcucci 20 yards          Ken Wagner 0 yards
      5  John Grant 20 yards             Billy Janniro  30 yards
      6  Rick Shafer 0 yards

         Handicap Semifinals
         Semi 1                          Semi 2
      1  David Faria 30 yards            Travis MacDonald 20 yards
      2  Harlan Bast Jr 30 yards         Matt Becker 30 yards
      3  Louis Kossuth 50 yards          Pat Linn 40 yards
      4  Steve Martynse 10 yards         Bobby Hedden 50 yards
      5  Jim Sisemore 50 yards           Bart Bast 50 yards
      6  Robert Curry 30 yards           Bob Hicks 50 yards

         Handicap Consolation            Handicap Main Event
      1  Bart Bast 50 yards              Travis MacDonald 20 yards
      2  Jim Sisemore 50 yards           Louis Kossuth 50 yards
      3  Bob Hicks 50 yards              Matt Becker 30 yards
      4  Bobby Hedden 50 yards           David Faria 30 yards
      5  Steve Martynse 10 yards         Harlan Bast Jr 30 yards
      6  Robert Curry 30 yards           (Pat Linn out injury)

         Scratch Races
         Heat 1                          Heat 2
      1  Louis Kossuth                   Jim Sisemore
      2  Matt Becker                     Billy Janniro
      3  Kelly Bennett                   Harlan Bast Jr.
      4  Dave Faria                      Rich Marcucci

         Heat 3                          Heat 4
      1  Bart Bast                       Bob Hicks
      2  Pat Linn                        Bobby Hedden
      3  Travis MacDonald                Jimmy Martinez
      4  Robert Curry                    Vance Felicio

         Scratch Semi Finals
         Semi 1                          Semi 2
      1  Jim Sisemore                    Bart Bast
      2  Louis Kossuth                   Bob Hicks
      3  Bobby Hedden                    Billy Janniro
      4                                  Matt Becker

         Scratch Consolation             Scratch Main
      1  Bobby Hedden                    Bart Bast
      2  Billy Janniro                   Bob Hicks
      3  Matt Becker                     Jim Sisemore
      4                                  Louis Kossuth

         Division II Consolation         Division II Main Event
      1  Chris Heyman                    Shawn MacDonald
      2  Josh West                       135
      3  Chuck Lane                      Matt King
      4  Jeremy Martinez                 Harlan Bast Sr
      5  Dave Booth                      Scott Olney
      6  Eric Veal

         Division III Consolation        Division III Main Event
      1  Derek Silva                      Steve Belluzzi
      2  Joe Whiting                     Mike Gildersleeve
      3  Bob Peters                      Bobby Chipman
      4  Bill Dixon                      Dennis Cassidy
      5  Rich Mignano
      Northern California Championship Points
      (Prior to tonight)

      Bobby Hedden       1020
      Bart Bast           941
      Louis Kossuth       666
      Pat Linn            592
      Chad Felicio        565
      Dave Faria          543
      Bob Hicks           517
      Kelly Bennett       425
      Billy Janniro       425
      Robert Curry        367
      Vance Felicio       335
      Jim Sisemore        323
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