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2009 Golden Gate Speedway
Solano County Fairgrounds
Vallejo, California

California Speedway
August 8, 2009 Golden Gate
By: Gary Roberts

On the second week of the second half of the season, Golden Gate Speedway had a good rider turn out and a much better crowd, who were treated to some great racing.

National Champion and double main event winner from Auburn the previous night, Billy Janniro went into the main event unbeaten was favorite for the win, but could manage no better than third. This race will remain in the minds of those who were privileged to see it for a long time. Brian Yarrow got a great gate, as he had all evening, but he was soon joined at the front by Kenny Ingalls. The pair rode side by side for most of the four laps, and despite a great race track, with multiple lines, where the outside had worked for him all night, Janniro was unable to get past them. Adding to his problem was persistent Southern Californian youngster, Russell Green. Ingalls and Yarrow changed places several times, clashing with one another, and clashing with Janniro. By the end of the race, Ingalls and Yarrow went across the line still side by side, Yarrow with a severed foot peg, lost in one of the clashes.

The Division 1 consolation race was won by John Houston, from Danny Faria, Matt Becker and Bob Hicks.

Big Mike Browne won the Division 2 main after initial leader Brian Leventon went wide, letting Browne and Danny Poli through.

Chris Wilkes continued his winning form, following his Division3 win at Auburn the night before, by taking the Division 3 main.

Division 1 qualifying scores
Billy Janniro 12
Bryan Yarrow 11
Kenny Ingalls 8
Russell Green 7
Danny Faria 7
John Houston 6
Matt Becker 5
Bob Hicks 5
Kell Kerrigan 4
Ben Essary 3
Devin DeFreece 3
Anthony Barlow 1

Division 1 Main Event
1. Kenny Ingalls; 2. Bryan Yarrow; 3. Billy Janniro; 4.Russell Green.

Division 1 Consolation Event
1. John Houston; 2. Danny Faria; 3. Bob Hicks; 4. Matt Becker.

Division 2 Main Event
1. Mike Browne; 2. Danny Poli; 3. Brian Leventon; 4. Ed Martinez.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Chris Wilkes; 2. Rich Mignano; 3. Billy Vaughn 4. Tor Lovlien.

Youth main
1. PJ Byrne; 2. Tanner Kane; 3 Ryan Vaughn.

Thanks to the riders who supported the event and put on a great show.

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