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1999 Results
Costa Mesa Speedway
June 12, 1999
From Ryan Evans

"Fast" Eddie Castro cruised to his second Handicap Main Event victory of the season in a race that was marred by a crash in which Gary Ackroyd was knocked unconscious and was carried off on a stretcher. Ackroyd was alert after the races and was never transported to a hospital. The crash happened on the fourth lap of the eight lap main event when Joe Winston, running sixth at the time, slowed down at the apex of turn two and left Bobby Schwartz with nowhere to go and when he slowed to avoid Winston, Ackroyd hit Schwartz and both hit the ground very hard. Schwartz ended up with a sore left hand and right leg. Winston drew Schwartz' ire as Bobby yelled at Winston rather vehemently as he left the track. In the staggered restart, Castro easily held onto the lead for the remaining five laps and earned the victory ahead of Charlie Venegas, Shawn McConnell, and Gary Hicks. Bobby Schwartz at Passo Robles '97

Earlier, Schwartz scored his third Scratch Main Event win after he fought off Razzo the Clown....I'll explain later) for two laps before Razzo drifted off the pole allowing the freight train of Hicks, McConnell, and Scott Brant to get by. Finishing order: Schwartz, Hicks, McConnell, Brant, Razzo.

Wily veteran Randy Skinner earned the victory in the Support Main after coming from the 40 yard line. Second was another veteran, Bentley Barrett, third was David Lynch. Brent Smith won his second Support B Main Event in three weeks and has most likely earned himself a passport into the Support Class.

Tonight was the annual Fan Appreciation Night, and the last several years Costa Mesa has had a gimic of a clown from "Eastern Europe" named Razzo the Clown and he always gets on the microphone and insults America and the riders. They even had a match race between Razzo and Brad Oxley.

Brad Oxley came out in motocross gear. Razzo won the match race! The kids love it and it draws a good crowd. Next week is the highly anticipated Dan Nay Rider Appreciation Night. Dan Nay is a devout speedway fan and during his annual event he pays the winner of each race $100 cash out of his own pocket. That's dedication!!!!!!!!!!


Support B Main
103 - Brent Smith 20
210 - Ron Cochard20
186 - Scott Mersereau20
319 - Brad Rudy 20
269 - Ed Martinez 10
178 - Eloy Medellin 10(ns)

Support Main
383 - Randy Skinner 40
300 - Bentley Barrett 30
131 - David Lynch 20
122 - Mike Mattocks20
120 - Bill McCarley30(fell)
233 - Tom Winchell 30(fell)

Scratch Main
11 - Bobby Schwartz
3 - Gary Hicks
6 - Shawn McConnell
10 - Scott Brant
? - Razzo the Clown

Handicap Main
14 - Eddie Castro 40
43 - Charlie Venegas 50
6 - Shawn McConnell 60
3 - Gary Hicks 60
166 - Andy Northrup 50
314 - Joe Winston 10
8 - Gary Ackroyd 40(fell, ns)
11 - Bobby Schwartz 60(fell, exc)

Ryan caims to know the real identity of 'Razzo the Clown'. E-mail him with your guess, and see if you are right! - Editor

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