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Oildale Speedway 1

Oildale Speedway 2
1997 Oildale
Photos from Gary Roberts

Bakersfield Speedway
Oildale Speedway

Bakersfield - Kern County Fairgrounds

1970 - 1976 The promoters were Digger Helms and Bob Francisco.

Golden Empire Speedway Racing Inc. was shown on the covers in 1972, 1973 and 1974 but not thereafter.

No information on what name was used in 1975 and 1976 although it appears that Digger Helms was promoting.

1977 was called Billy Gray's Diamond Speedway but not sure of the promoters.

Duncan Luke writes, "The 1982 program is a simple four page affair with no information on who was promoting the racing or of the year involved. I have taken it to be from 1982 as Ermolenko was listed in the program as "Guy" under number 257 with a 40 yard handicap and 1982 was the last year he rode with that number before switching to 13 for 1983. In November of 1984, Speedway returned to the fairgrounds in Bakersfield for four straight Saturday nights. Those shows were promoted by 1950's rider Johnny Gibson."

Scans of the 1977 and 1982 covers are below.

Cary Cotterman writes: "Sorry but I don't have any photos or other information, except for what I remember of the Bakersfield Speedway at the Kern County Fairgrounds in the early 1970s. It was in the fair's arena, very similar to the setup at Costa Mesa. I was a spectator there several times and rode there in Second Division once. It seems to me the track was about the size of Costa Mesa, except the straightaway's might have been a bit longer. There was a main covered grandstand along the front straight, and the pits were behind the back straight. The back straight had a high plywood fence with advertising on it, and behind the fence was a platform where people from the pits could stand and look over the plywood, down at the track to watch the racing. That's about all I remember, except for my one unfortunate visit as a rider. I drove all the way up from Orange County to ride, then I fell off in the first turn and the referee let the race keep going. So it was a big trip for nothing!"

Bakersfield - Oildale

Oildale only ran a few events in 1996 and 1997
Race Results - April 5, 1997
Race Results - June 1, 1996
Another event was scheduled for July 19, 1997. No information about it, so it was probably cancelled.

The race results above indicate that Brad Oxley was involved in 1997.

Scott "D" writes, "I am guessing that it (Oildale) was between 1982 and 1984 at the Bakersfield Speedway and it last less than a season.  It is 1/3 of a mile car track that has been in existence for over 50 years.  I never went to Speedway there, but off the top of my head, I think John Cook and Gary Ford were winners there.  Here is a link to the Bakersfield Speedway today."

Duncan Luke writes, "1996 program shows the promoters as Ted Rutherford and David Rogers operating under the name R & R Promotions. Program does not mention Oildale but is shown as Bakersfield Speedway which seems to be how it was described at that time in the race reports in the Speedwaybikes website. Having said that, there is no record of this meeting on the results for that year on the website but as there is no indication of racing elsewhere in Bakersfield in that year I presume it to be from Oildale."

More programs of the Bakersfield Speedway Action.

1977 Bakersfield Speedway     1982 Bakersfield Speedway
Programs from Duncan Luke

1971 State Championship      1971 Bakersfield Speedway
1971 from RC Jones

Bakersfield Speedway 1970      1970 Bakersfield Speedway
1970 State Championship from RC Jones