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Fast Fridays, Auburn, CA

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Perris Raceway, CA

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Santa Maria Raceway, CA

Champion, Owego, NY

Mid America, IN

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U.S. Speedway Tracks

California should start the 2017 season with these tracks hosting events.

Costa Mesa will begin its 49th season with a Saturday night schedule.

Industry Racing begins its 12th season of Wednesday night speedway.

Fast Fridays in Auburn continues in 2017, this will be the 40th year of speedway in Auburn.

Big Time Speedway has events in 2017. Most events are held at Prairie City Dirt Track, which was renovated by Big Time Speedway.

Ventura Raceway has at least 6 races in 2017, including an AMA Speedway National Championship Series round on June 17.

Santa Maria Raceway - 4 races scheduled for 2017, including an AMA Speedway National Championship Series round on July 26.

Perris Raceway - has 8 races from November - April 2017, including an AMA Speedway National Championship Qualifying Round on April 22.

Victorville does not have any races scheduled in 2017.

Ridgecrest will have an event on May 20, 2017.

Oroville was a dream in 2017. Plans were in process and there should have been more information by March. Nope, cancelled not happening...

* * * We have a new California Tracks Page that lists all the California Tracks! * * *

Colorado 2017 will see speedway at the IMI Motorsports Complex, Dacono, CO 80514.

New York 2017 will have Champion in Owego.

Indiana 2017 Speedway is running at Mid America Speedway. Most racing is flat track racing.

There have been many other tracks that have hosted speedway throughout the years. The view the results from those tracks please see the history page.

California Speedway
Costa Mesa Speedway Fast Fridays
Industry Racing Big Time Speedway

East Coast Speedway

Champion Speedway

Saturday Nights - Champion Speedway - Owego, New York


Mid America

Mid America Motorcycle Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

Former California Tracks

Former East Coast Tracks

  • Action Park East - Greene, New York
  • Batavia Motor Speedway - Batavia, New York
  • Square Deal - Harpursville, New York
  • Batavia Speedway - Genesee County Fairgrounds - Batavia, New York (1975-1980)
  • Casey's - Hamburg, New York (198 -1986)
  • Empire Speedway - Brewerton, New York (1979-1986)
  • Jolly Roger Moto-Sports Park - East Lempster, New Hampshire
  • Victory Speedway, Syracuse NY

Indiana Tracks

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