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1998 Paris Speedway Pictures

Paris Speedway
Photos from the 1998 Canadian National Championship Final Round
by Kim Gregory

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1998 Paris Speedway
Patrick Ahlund, former Sweden Speedway Star, gets introduced to the crowd.
1998 Paris Speedway
#6 Nick Fafard, #15 Sobec Muszynski, #11 Chris Hesmer, #68 Fred Legault get their helmets on for the final.
1998 Paris Speedway
1998 Paris Speedway
The start of heat 9. Order: pole to the fence - #1 Jeff Orosz, #37 Gary Hesmer, #327 David Oakden, #42 Tim Ford.
Finish order: Jeff, Gary, Dave, Tim.
1998 Paris Speedway
Polish Power!
#18 Bobby Muszynski (left), #15 Sobec Muszynski, #44 Andy Dilomat (right).
1998 Paris Speedway
Chris Hesmer wins the Championship and gets the traditional TOSS!
1998 Paris Speedway
#18 Bobby Muszynski (left) congratulates his brother #15 Sobec Muszynski on the Main Event win.
1998 Paris Speedway
Sobec Muszynski wins the Main Event, signs the shirt of a fan on the front straight.

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