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East River Drive
Owego, New York

Tom Sephton Wins The Main Event for Second Time!
Results June 24, 2000
From: Jason Bonsignore kabons64@hotmail.com

Handicap Main Scratch Main
1. Len McBride 1. Tom Sephton
2. Gary Hesmer 2. Bruce Nelson
3. Craig Lane 3. Len McBride
4. Gene Bonsignore 4. Gene Bonsignore
5. Jason Bonsignore 5. Cam Rafferty
6. Craig Estelle  

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1. Russ Cornell 1. Joel Parsons
2. Todd Hunter 2. Tony Terenzi
3. Craig Lane 3. Chris Strong
4. Dave Smith 4. Gene Wilmarth
5. Joe Greene 5. Chuck Sturzenneger
6. Ted Fey 6. Jerry Grenga

Great track, good crowd, lots of riders including Ronnie Kemp. Great racing! Josh Larsen is expected for the next one.

2000 Tom Sephton
Tom Sephton

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