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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Challenge Elimination Series - Round 2
June 3, 2005 - Fast Fridays, Auburn
By Gary Roberts

Another warm Auburn evening. Every rider I talked with agreed that the track was the best so far this season. This was confirmed by the quality of the racing, many riders finding fast outside lines. For some reason, there were an unusually high number of accidents caused by mechanical failures. Mike Faria twice suffered loss of power, while leading, causing serious problems for the riders behind him. Nate Perkins, who has mastered the Auburn track in an impressively short time, suffered the same fate. There were a number of very good races.Bryan Yarrow

Unofficial Results

Scratch Main Event

1. Bryan Yarrow
2. Tommy Hedden
3. Chris Kerr
4. Charlie Venegas
A paradigm shift took place tonight. Instead of the usual Bobby Hedden, Bart Bast, Mike Faria main event, youngsters Yarrow and Kerr took over. Bryan got a great start, Chris was sandwiched between Tommy and Charlie on the entrance to turn one and fell. Charlie fell in sympathy and the race was restarted. Same thing. Bryan got a great start, Chris got battered from both sides, but stayed on, and salvaged third.

Scratch Consolation Event
1. Mike Faria
2. Bobby Hedden
3. Chad Felicio
4. Bart Bast
The usual main event competitors ran a fast race, except Bart, who was still suffering from running into the back of Mike Faria in their heat. Mike’s primary chain snapped as they went over the start finish line at the end of the fourth lap. Both qualified, but Bart was down for a lengthy period of time and was unable to achieve his normal form.

Handicap Main
1. Mike Faria (50)
2. Dustin Schroeder (30)
3. Chris Kerr (40)
4. Bart Bast (50
5. Chad Felicio (50)
6. Nate Perkins (30)
A very hard fought race with Perkins and Schroeder starting at the front. First time out they clashed and went down in turn one. Second time out Dustin established a lead over Perkins, but while Chris Kerr was in the process of riding round the outside to take second, Nate’s primary chain snapped causing himself and Chris to tangle and tumble down the front straight. Both riders were lucky to escape injury, but Nate did not compete in the rerun. The format of the restart put Mike Faria, who had been in fourth along side Chris Kerr on the 10 yard line. He out gated Chris before getting past Dustin.

Handicap Consolation Event
1. Bryan Yarrow (40)
2. Greg Hooten (20)
3. Matt Browne (30)
4. Tommy Hedden (50)
Charlie Venegas and Billy Hiles qualified, but were non-starters.

Division 2 Main Event
1. Danny Easley
2. Greg Searle
3. Kenny Ingalls
4. Josh West
5. Mike Achilles
6.Bill Warnock
Former Youth rider Danny Easley proved again that last year’s break from Speedway has not done him much harm. I see him quickly moving to division 1.

Division 2 Consolation Event
1.Norman Brooks
2. Shawn Eldridge
3. Mike Browne
4. Rachalle Kerr
5. Steve Lewotsky
6. Brian Leventon

Division 3 Main Event
1. Danny Turner
2. Kevin Fereira
3. Kjell Lovlien
4. Greg Lovlien
5. Denis Michel

Division 3 Consolation Event
1. Derek Sheppard
2. Dennis Chandler
3. Jeff Irwin
4. Tor Lovlien
5. Johnny Frank
6. Charlie Pazuzzi

Division 1 Youth Main
1. Ricky Felicio
2. Tom Fehrman
Paul Johnson had mechanical failure, Ben Essary fell, Bryce Starks was a non starter.

Division 2 Youth Main
1. Cody Ciciarelli
2. Troy Guisande
John Randolf fell.

Division 3 Youth Main
1. Amber Felicio
2. Trevor Searle
Tom Reich was a non starter.

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