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Industry Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

Fox Night
June 11, 2008 - Industry Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

Charlie “The Edge” Venegas tried his best to prove that last week’s defeat was an anomaly by winning the Scratch Main Event at Industry Speedway.

Shawn McConnell started on the inside in the Scratch Main and used his position to take the lead in turn one. McConnell led on the exit of turn two, but Venegas used the outside line on the back straight and through turns three and four to make a scintillating pass that brought the crowd to its feet. All doubt was contained within the first lap as Venegas pulled away for his fifth victory out of six 2008 meetings at Industry Speedway. McConnell held on to second, Jimmy Fishback finished third, last week’s winner Buck Blair was fourth, and Bobby Schwartz finished fifth.

The heats began with John Marquez getting a hard-earned victory over Fishback. Venegas scored his first win over Schwartz in the next heat. McConnell ended round one by beating Buck Blair.

The earned-handicap rounds started with sixteen year old Russell Green leading from start to finish. Tim Gomez was a start-to-finish winner of event 20 ahead of Brad Sauer. Neil Facchini won the last race of the second round.

Fishback opened the final round by heading Schwartz to the finish line. McConnell was awarded the win in the next heat after Neil Facchini fell in turn four. Venegas finished the heats with his second win of the evening.

Marquez got the best start in the first semi, but Venegas used the outside to take the lead and the win. Schwartz capitalized on a Marquez mistake to take second and the transfer to the main. McConnell cruised to the win in the second semi and was followed into the main by Blair. Green went down hard at the finish and was down for several minutes before leaving the track. Fishback won the Last Chance to lock up the final spot in the main.

In the Last of the Mohicans Last Man Out Challenge, Blair was eliminated first, then two-time Challenge winner Gomez. This left Fishback and McConnell and it was Fishback getting the start and leading both laps for the win.

The Second Division Main had to be restarted after a crash in turn one brought out the red flag. On the restart Bryan Buffington and Rudy Laurer had an excellent inside-outside battle brewing when Laurer fell on the second lap. His fall handed the win to Buffington on his first appearance at Industry Speedway in 2008. Ryan Tovatt finished second, Matt Davis was third, J.C. Masters finished fourth, and Laurer was credited with fifth.

Chris Thomas got the best start in the Third Division Main only to be passed by Tim McGrath on the back straight. Bruce Marteney went underneath McGrath in turn three on the second lap only to have McGrath cut back underneath him as they exited the corner. Marteney chased the leader the rest of the way, but McGrath was first to the checkered flag. Tony DeAlmeida finished third and Thomas was fourth.

Joey Holt got the best start and led the Youth Main Event the entire way. Brad Pappalardo, who was celebrating his fifteenth birthday, finished second.

Cameron Dalbey was victorious in the Youth Main Event with Nicky Reimer finishing second.

Next week is Harley Night at Industry Speedway. Spectators, or riders, can ride their Harley in a pre-race parade around the track. People who are brave enough may enter the ever-popular Harley race, that features street-legal bikes of all shapes and sizes.


Pee Wee Main Event 
100 – Cameron Dalbey
 43 – Nicky Reimer 
Youth Main Event
4 – Joey Holt 
611 – Brad Pappalardo 
Third Division Consolation 
310 – John Weller
308 – Hugh Randolph 124 – Paul Thornton 

Third Division Main Event 
186 – Tim McGrath
242 – Bruce Marteney
157 – Tony DeAlmeida 
189 – Chris Thomas 

Second Division Last Chance
202 – J.C. Masters
153 – Brad Moreau
132 – Justin Hassan 
136 – Kim Stevens 

Second Division Main Event (restarted)
 77 – Bryan Buffington 
 389 – Ryan Tovatt 
 301 – Matt Davis
202 – J.C. Masters
182 – Rudy Laurer (fell) 

Last of the Mohicans Last Man Out Challenge 
25 – Jimmy Fishback 
6 – Shawn McConnell 
30 – Tim Gomez 
39 – Buck Blair 

Scoring			1	2	3	T 
6 – Shawn McConnell 3	1	3	7
 11 – Bobby Schwartz 2	2	2	6
 19 – Dale Facchini 1	1	1	3
 21 – Brad Sauer 1	2	1	4
 25 – Jimmy Fishback 2	0	3	5
 30 – Tim Gomez 0	3	0	3
 39 – Buck Blair 2	2	2	6
 41 – John Marquez 3	0	2	5
 43 – Charlie Venegas 3	1	3	7
 86 – Neil Facchini 0	3	F	3
178 – Eloy Medellin 0	0	0	0
321 – Russell Green 1	3	1	5 

Race Results 9: Marquez, Fishback, D.Facchini, Gomez (fell, remounted)
10: Venegas, Schwartz, Green, N.Facchini (fell, remounted)
11: McConnell, Blair, Sauer, Medellin
20: Green [10], Blair [20], D.Facchini [10], Fishback [20] (fell, remounted)
21: Gomez [0], Sauer [10], Venegas [30], Medellin [0]
27: Fishback [0], Schwartz [20], Sauer [20], Gomez [30]
28: (awarded) McConnell [10], Marquez [0], Green [30], N.Facchini [30]
29: Venegas [10], Blair [20], D.Facchini [10], Medellin [0]

Semi #1: Venegas, Schwartz, Marquez, Green 
Semi #2: McConnell, Blair, Sauer, Fishback, 

Last Chance 
25 – Jimmy Fishback 
21 – Brad Sauer 
41 – John Marquez 
321 – Russell Green (non starter)

Scratch Main Event
43 – Charlie Venegas 
6 – Shawn McConnell 
25 – Jimmy Fishback 
39 – Buck Blair 
11 – Bobby Schwartz
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