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Inland Motor Speedway
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San Bernardino, California

Scott's Headers and Mufflers Night
July 27, 2012
From Ryan Evans
Photos from Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

Photos from Howie Zechner Facebook Photo Album

Paul Flanders Photos
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Charlie Venegas acted like he still owned the place, taking the main. Mike Fuson had wife Sue and daughter Taylor to cheer him on for his second division main win. Stephen Simrak edged out Steve Brown for the third division main win.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Sometimes moms just wanna have fun, too, as Dayna Perrault and Karen Ruml demonstrate. Young guns Gabe Price and Brad Pappalardo were back in action. J.D. Myerscough and Jake Hansen are the young guns in second and third divisions.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Max Ruml bagged another 250cc main trophy. Promoters Shawn and Robynn McConnell are joined here by Shawn’s father Frank McConnell. Keeping track of time in the pits can be confusing. At least there’s no 10:00 p.m. curfew at IMS.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Two out of three LeoGrandes went home with awards. Jonas took the Pee Wee’s while Dryden won the 200cc. Proud dad Kayle was relegated to 4th in the second division main. “This ain’t the Footlocker, hon. What can I get for you to drink?” A post race band and a funny car burn down added to the night’s entertainment.
Dorcey Wingo Photos
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
200-feet west of turn one lies a hidden lagoon, alive with creatures that go, "Knee Deep. Knee Deep!" But let's not go there. A close up of Scott "Torch" Reed's header job on this awesome alcohol dragster. The Pee Wee Main.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#185 Jonas LeoGrande (left) and #27 Luke Whitcomb in early action. Jonas LeoGrande takes the checkered flag. Dryden LeoGrande (left) leads #214 Michael Wells
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#185 Dryden LeoGrande in winning form. 250cc Main Event, (Restart). #111 Dillon "Poison" Ruml takes second.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#308 "Mad" Max Ruml for the 250cc win! 3rd Division Main Event. 3rd Division Main Event: Stephen Simrak edges out Steve Brown (partially hidden) for the win.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#37 Joe Donaldson (foreground) battles #185 Kayle LeoGrande in turn two. Davey Shaw (inside) battles LeoGrande and eventually takes second. #245 Mike Fuson takes the 2nd Division win in style.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
1st Division: Talkington is on the gas as Gomez smooches the plywood. 1st Division Last Chance. #14 Eddie Castro will advance. 1st Division: Main Event.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#46 Aaron Fox got a little dirt on him but scored an impressive 3rd in the Main. #27 Austin Novratil scores two "seconds" in as many days! "Way to slide!" #43 Charlie "The Edge" Venegas celebrates his well-earned victory in style!

Scott's Headers and Mufflers Night - San Bernardino, CA, USA - July 27

Charlie "The Edge" Venegas continued to make his hometown track his personal stomping ground by completing a perfect night with a main event victory on Scott's Headers and Mufflers Night at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

Venegas started in gate two and was first off the line when the tapes went up. The former National Champion squeezed down on Aaron Fox and then drifted into the outside dirt and prevented Under 21 National Champion Austin Novratil from sweeping around him. Venegas led down the back straight with Novratil in tow. The seventeen year old applied the pressure on the wily veteran the entire distance but couldn't force an error. Venegas was first to the checkered flag, Novratil had to settle for second, Fox finished third, "Fast" Eddie Castro was fourth, and Tyson Talkington finished fifth.

Fox opened the evening with a win over Steve Russell. Venegas beat Talkington in the second heat. Novratil and Gabe Price had an excellent side-by-side battle for two laps before the latter pulled ahead to end round one with a win.

Tim Gomez started round two by beating Castro. Fox beat McConnell in the next heat for his second straight win. Venegas beat Novratil for his second win in a row to end the second round.

Venegas began the third round by beating Fox to remain unbeaten. Russell beat Novratil in the next event. Castro beat former Youth National Champion Brad Pappalardo to end round three.

Russell held off Gomez in the final heat for his second consecutive win.

The first attempt to run the first semi had Russell and Fox on their way to the main before a red flag forced a restart. Fox won the restart with Talkington getting second to join him in the main event. Venegas and Novratil finished one-two in the second semi and transferred to the main. Castro used the outside to pass Russell on lap one and won the Last Chance to fill the main event field.

Davey Shaw started at the front of the Second Division Main Event and led the first lap. Mike Fuson mounted a serious outside challenge on the second lap. Fuson took the lead at the beginning of lap three and never looked back en route to victory. Shaw held on to second, Joe Donaldson finished third, Kayle LeoGrande was fourth, J.D. Myerscough finished fifth, and Geoff Herkner was sixth.

Steve Brown made the best start in the Third Division Main Event but Stephen Simrak began hounding him immediately. Simrak patiently waited for a mistake from Brown but couldn't find a way past for three laps. Brown looked like he had the victory as they went through the final corner but Simrak charged by in the final yards to nab the victory by a narrow margin. Jake Hansen finished third and Dave Troutt was fourth.

Max Ruml led all four laps en route to victory in the Youth 250cc Main Event. Dillon Ruml finished second, Broc Nicol was third, and Hayley Perrault finished fourth.

Dryden LeoGrande was the initial leader of the Youth 200cc Main Event. Michael Wells attacked the leader inside and outside but couldn't find a way past on the first four laps. Wells went for broke in the final corner but slid off in the process. Dryden LeoGrande won his first main event and Sebastian Palmese came home second.

Not to be outdone by his brother, Jonas LeoGrande took home some hardware by winning the Pee Wee Main Event. Luke Whitcomb overcame a 50-yard handicap and a fall to finish second, Julia Pierson was third, Nick Dunn finished fourth, and Jake Troutt was fifth.


Pee Wee Main Event
185 - Jonas LeoGrande 0
27 - Luke Whitcomb 50(fell, remounted)
19 - Julia Pierson 0
76 - Nick Dunn 0
326 - Jake Troutt 0

Youth 200cc Main Event
185 - Dryden LeoGrande 0
18 - Sebastian Palmese 20
214 - Michael Wells 10(fell)

Youth 250cc Main Event
308 - Max Ruml
111 - Dillon Ruml
98 - Broc Nicol
0 - Hayley Perrault

Third Division Main Event
318 - Stephen Simrak
211 - Steve Brown
123 - Jake Hansen
210 - Dave Troutt

Second Division Main Event
245 - Mike Fuson 20
145 - Davey Shaw 10
37 - Joe Donaldson 30
185 - Kayle LeoGrande 30
155 - J.D. Myerscough 20
208 - Geoff Herkner 30(fell)

First Division Heat Scoring123T
6 – Shawn McConnell 12R 3
11 – Bobby Schwartz 0011
14 – Eddie Castro 1236
23 – Steve Russell 2338
27 – Austin Novratil 3227
30 – Tim Gomez 1326
43 – Charlie Venegas 3339
45 – Brad Pappalardo 0022
46 – Aaron Fox 3328
48 – Tyson Talkington 2114
86 – Neil Facchini 0011
113 – Gabe Price 21F3
114 – Troy McConnell 0112

Race Results
1: (restarted) Fox, Russell, Castro, Pappalardo
2: Venegas, Talkington, Gomez, T. McConnell
3: Novratil, Price, S. McConnell, Schwartz
9: Gomez, Castro, T. McConnell, Schwartz
10: Fox, S. McConnell, Talkington, Pappalardo (tape penalty)
11: Venegas, Novratil, Price, N. Facchini (tape penalty)
17: (awarded) Venegas, Fox, Schwartz, Price (fell)
18: Russell, Novratil, Talkington, Facchini
19: Castro, Pappalardo, T. McConnell, S. McConnell (retired)
Semi #1: (restarted) Fox, Talkington, Gomez (penalty line) (fell, remounted), Russell (retired)
Semi #2: Venegas, Novratil, Castro (tape penalty), Price (fell, remounted)

First Division Last Chance
14 - Eddie Castro
30 - Tim Gomez
23 - Steve Russell (engine failure)
113 - Gabe Price (retired)

First Division Main Event
43 - Charlie Venegas
27 - Austin Novratil
46 - Aaron Fox
14 - Eddie Castro
48 - Tyson Talkington

Ryan Evans

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