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1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2

1997 California Championship and National Junior Championship

Photos sent in by: Kevin Carrillo
Photos By: Gennie and Roy Moore
Phone # (916) 652-9311 - e-mail kb6ut@jps.net

1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2
Left to right: Jim Sisemore, Charlie Venegas, Bart Bast

Order of finish in the California Championship is the same as in the photo below.
Left to right: 1997 Champion Charlie Venegas, 2nd Bart Bast, 3rd Jim Sisemore

1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2


1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2
Left to right: Charlie Venegas, Jim Sisemore

1997 National Junior Championship

National Junior Championship Results

1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2

Top Row: Josh Newby, Steve Martynse(Junior Rider Rep), Brad Worthen, Ray Linn, Bryan Yarrow, Ryan Fisher, Jay Heidt, Eric Carrillo, Luke Bennett, Donny Robinson, and Justin Boyle.
Center: Anthony (Tony) Martinez and Ryan Fisher below
Bottom Row: Scott Hawley, Rachalle Kerr, Chris Kerr, J.J. Martynse, Brenton Bast, Alex Marcucci, (Behind Alex) Jonathan Curry, A.J. Jones, J.T. Mabry and Tim Gomez.
We had a group photo taken of all of the Juniors at the podium during the 1997 Juniors Nationals. All of us were hoping that you could put this with the results of this race. This would mean so much for all of the participants.

1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2

This pictures are of the juniors in the 1st corner of 20th race with Flyin" Ryan Fisher, Bryan "The Barracuda" Yarrow and Eric "COYOTE" Carrillo on the inside. They finish this race Ryan Fisher, Eric Carrillo, Bryan Yarrow. Ryan had a perfect score of 16, winning all four races for the night, Bryan and Eric ended up in a tie score of 13. During the run off, Eric was out front on the 2nd lap going into turns 3 and 4 he went down giving a free ride to Bryan to finish in 2nd place.

1997 Fast Fridays California Photo #2
Here is Eric with the ride of his life so far passing Flyin Ryan Fisher on the outside (WOW) he only stayed there for two laps until the horse power of that TROY FISHER built JAWA took over and passed the 20 year old Westlake on the straight away. This was race 14 the 1st time of the night that the two ran together. Ryan was on the pole also. Eric had the # 3 gate. This one is from race 20 first turn.

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