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Wild West Speedway
Winchester, California

Harley Night
May 29, 2004 - Wild West Speedway
By: Gary Gomez

Eddie Castro

Eddie Castro captured his second Scratch Main in a row with an action packed evening at Wild West Speedway in Winchester, California.

Round one started out with 16 year old Dario Galvin setting the pace of the night with a win over Bobby Krips, George Fox, and Doug Benjamin in heat one. Buck Blair took heat two followed by Justin Boyle and Neil Facchini. Eddie Castro came out to take heat three with Shaun Harmatiuk taking second followed by Steve Murray. Denny Scopellite finished round one of Division One with a win over Jeff Blaydes, Eloy Medellin and 16 year old Dale Facchini.

Round two started out with Castro taking the win over Blair, Krips and Galvin. Krips got some unwanted drive coming out of turn two and looped it as he was making his way round the outside. Harmatiuk showed his speed by capturing the win in event 15 followed by Boyle, Blaydes, and Fox. Neil Facchini won the third heat in Round two followed by Benjamin, Murray, and Medellin. Scopellite won the final race of the round and Dale Facchini got second.

Round three started with Krips regaining his form and taking the win over Blair and Scopellite. In event 28, Harmatiuk took the win over Fox, followed by Medellin. Castro took heat 29 followed by Benjamin. The final heat of First Division was won by Boyle over Facchini and Galvin.

First Division Main was action-packed as Castro and Blair traded places a couple of times leaving the rest of the field to see the show ahead of them. At the end of the battle it was Castro who crossed the finish line first.

15 year old Tim Gomez won his second Division Two Main Event of the season by beating Billy Braden, Sam Soltz, and Mark Baldwin. Gomez, Braden, and Soltz were all tied on six points going into the main but it was Gomez who was left with the perfect score in the end. Braden took second, followed by Baldwin, then rounding out the Second Division Main was Soltz.

Kerry Conner won his first-ever Third Division Main Event. Following Conner to the checkered flag was Mike Boyle, Tom Hamilton and Mike Nutting.

In the Youth Division One Main Krystal Cramer used a great holeshot to win an impressive win over the hard-charging Ricky Wells and Jason Ramirez. Cramer and Wells were side-by-side on the first lap but Cramer took advantage of the inside line and pulled away from Wells and Ramirez.

In the Youth Division Two Main Gino Manzares continued his winning steak with another main event win. Following hard on his rear wheel was the fastly-improving Nathan Galvin and then Eddie Conner.


Third Division Main Event                          
135 - Kerry Conner                        
198 - Mike Boyle
144 - Tom Hamilton
218 - Mike Nutting

Second Division Consolation
176 - Carl Gazafy
163 - Rohn Zellner
228 - Shane Kump
185 - Keith Mullally (non starter)

Second Division Main Event
136 - Tim Gomez
117 - Billy Braden
115 - Mark Baldwin
222 - Sam Soltz

Youth Second Division Main Event
 21 - Gino Manzares
134 - Nathan Galvin
135 - Eddie Conner
 24 - Tamara Krips (non starter)
  5 - Ricky Valdez (non starter)

Youth First Division Main Event
 13 - Krystal Cramer
142 - Ricky Wells 
 66 - Jason Ramirez

Last Chance
 18 - Justin Boyle
 39 - Buck Blair
 24 - Bobby Krips
 37 - Denny Scopellite

Scratch Main Event
 14 - Eddie Castro
 39 - Buck Blair
 18 - Justin Boyle
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk
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