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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

Spring Classic Results - March 16, 1996 Costa Mesa Speedway
By: Bob Brayton and Gary Roberts

Speedway Main Event

  1. (9) Mike Faria
  2. (5) Brad Oxley
  3. (18) Steve Lucero
  4. (2) Rob Pfetzing
  5. (3) Gary Hicks

Support Class

  1. George Fox (20*)
  2. Jason Daniels (10)
  3. Richard Jones (30)
  4. Randy DiFrancesco (30)
  5. Bryan Thompson (10)
  6. John DeVries (10)

Handicap Main

  1. Brad Oxley (50*)
  2. Steve Lucero (50)
  3. Shawn McConnell (40)
  4. Bobby Schwartz (50)
  5. Bobby Hedden (40)
  6. Jake Zemke (20)
  7. Dave Taylor (20)
  8. Gary Hicks (40)

* Denotes handicap yardage

Gary Hicks was extremely unlucky to have engine failure when leading, on the last lap.

Speedway Sidecar Main Event

  1. (2) Bob Brayton / Parke Weaver
  2. (X4) Duane Carmont / Richard Talling
  3. (29) John Matherson / Scott Cole
  4. (28) Steve Morrow / Craig Maggin

The Costa Mesa Spring Classic took place on Saturday evening in front of an abnormally large crowd. (3000) As always, racing was good, supplemented by the now rare appearance of Mike Faria. We were privileged to have Mike Faria perform, probably for the only time this season. Charlie Venegas, who was among the top riders here has gone to the UK.

A personal disappointment and cause for severe consternation was where to go for beer after the races. Our normal watering hole, the Fox and Firkin in Newport Beach has inconveniently closed, during the off season. Any Los Angeles local readers who can recommend a conveniently situated establishment, that both serves English draft beer and allows smoking in the bar, please contact me. Gary Roberts

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